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FLASHWARE: Juul C1 (Juul Labs)

FLASHWARE: Juul C1 (Juul Labs)

With flashware discover in a few moments the new products of the vape to come! On this edition we present you a podmod: Juul C1 by Juul Labs.


Juul C1 by Juul Labs is a new podmod discreet and easy to use. This new connected device that can be paired with a mobile app will help prevent unauthorized use. Entirely made of stainless steel, the Juul C1 does not change format or design compared to the basic model. Taking the principle of a usb key, the Juul has a fairly small format, it will hold well in hand and offer you a certain discretion. This famous device consists of a 200 mAh battery that sends an approximate power of 8 watts and capsules pods. The real revolution of this Juul C1 is its system Bluetooth® which includes a usage monitor, a locator and a device lock feature.

On its official website Juul presents the three new applications Bluetooth® usable via Android smartphones:
- Better control and visibility of use. Real-time consumption monitoring and monitoring of your daily, weekly and monthly puffs.

  • An automatic security feature that can help prevent unauthorized use when the Juul C1 is not in your possession. Manually lock the device or set it to auto lock.
  • Keep track of your e-cigarette thanks to the tracking device. When you're in range, ping it to make a sound. If it's out of range, see where it was when you last paired with your phone.

RRP : 30 Euros approximately (Available only in Canada / United Kingdom) - Not available online in Quebec


Finish : Stainless steel
Dimensions : 87,2 mm x 15,1 mm
Énergie : 200 mAh built-in battery
Puissance : 8 watts approximately
Reloading : USB Dock
Battery indicator : Led on the side
Operation : By inhalation
containing : Non-rechargeable Pod
Capacity : 0,7 ml (200 puffs)
Type of e-liquid PG / VG / Nicotine salt (Benzoic acid)
Function : Bluetooth
Applications : Usage monitor / location device / device lock function
OS : Android only

Color : Unique

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