FLASHWARE: Minican Pod (Aspire)

FLASHWARE: Minican Pod (Aspire)

With flashware discover in a few moments the new products of the vape to come! On this edition we present you a podmod: The Minican by Aspire.


The Minican Pod by Aspire is a new podmod proposed by the Chinese giant Aspire. Entirely designed in zinc alloy and PETG, the Minican is light, compact and particularly discreet. Rather intended for a primovapoteur public, it turns out to be simple to use and simple to store in a pocket or a handbag. On the design side, nothing very new, Aspire is based on these old reference models such as the Breeze even if there are 5 different colors. Equipped with a simple built-in 350 mAh battery, the Minican Pod does not include any switch or dimmer button. The use of this new podmod will be very simple, a suction will activate the system. Above the battery there is a disposable pod with a maximum capacity of 2 ml comprising a kanthal mesh resistance of 1.2 ohm. The filling of the pod will be done easily by a seal located under the cartridge. On the power side, no management is required, the system automatically adapts the battery power according to the resistance needs.

RRP : 20 Euros approximately


Finish : Zinc / PETG alloy
Type : Podmod
Dimensions : 65 mm x 15,5 mm x 28 mm
Weight : 24,75 grams
Energy : 350 mAh internal battery
Puissance : Automatic (Bypass)
Usb : For reloading
containing : Disposable pod
Capacity : 2 ml max
Filling : On the bottom of the pod
Resistors : Mesh Kanthal 1,2 ohm
Air-flow : Yes, opening on the battery
Hygiene cap : No
Sign in : Owner
Drip-tip : Owner
Color : 5 choice of colors

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