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FLASHWARE: Odan Mini Sub-ohm (Aspire)

FLASHWARE: Odan Mini Sub-ohm (Aspire)

With flashware discover in a few moments the new products of the vape to come! On this edition we present you a clearomiser: The Odan Mini Sub-Ohm by Aspire.


The Odan Mini Sub-Ohm by Aspire is a new clearomizer designed by the famous Chinese manufacturer. Aesthetically original, the Odan Mini Sub-ohm has a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 56 mm which will allow it to settle on most boxes and mods on the market. Entirely designed in stainless steel and pyrex, this new clearomizer stands out from the competition with its "luxury" bulb diamond tank. Side capacity, it will be up to you to choose between the Straight tank that can carry up to 5,5 ml of e-liquid or Bulb Diamond that can hold up to 4 ml of juice. Regarding the filling, nothing more simple, it will be sufficient to slide the top-cap to access the area dedicated to refueling. As always, who says new clearomizer says new resistors! For the occasion, Aspire presents two possibilities: A resistance Odan Mesh 0,4 ohm or resistance Odan Mesh 0,3 ohm for a vape always in sub-ohm. Finally, we will obviously find a modular air-flow ring based on the Odan Mini Sub-ohm that will allow you to manage the airflow as you wish.

RRP : 30 Euros approximately


Finish : Stainless Steel / Pyrex
Dimensions : 56 mm x 25 mm
Capacity : 5,5 ml (Classic) / 5 ml in Bulb Diamond
Filling : From the top (Top-cap)
Inhalation type : DL (direct)
Resistors : Odan Mesh 0,4 Ohm / Odan Mesh 0,3 ohm
Puissance : Usable from 35 to 60 watts
Air-flow : Modular ring on the base
Drip-tip : 810 Honeycomb
Sign in : 510
Color : 6 models to choose

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