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DOSSIER: The 2015 Christmas Guide

DOSSIER: The 2015 Christmas Guide

The Christmas time, a unique atmosphere, the Christmas tree, family celebrations and also a real headache in this quest for the ideal gift. If the e-cigarette is on the steep slope at the end of the year, we still have the possibility of getting supplies correctly for these end of year celebrations. To avoid getting lost in all the offers and promotions that will be made to you, the editorial staff " »Decided to concoct a little« Christmas Guide To help you make your choice and also to avoid disappointments this 25 December ! In this guide to " ideal gift“, We are going to offer you equipment and liquids in a structured way, taking into account product knowledge, price and of course efficiency.



- Alpha X by Vethos Design is an ideal kit to start quietly in the e-cigarette. An ego battery, a clearomizer using the latest generation Ego One coils from Joyetech, the perfect combination for a quality vape with ease. (see the complete review). (Price : 39 euros)

- The kit " Subvod »Par Kangertech is a kit aimed at beginner vapers looking for ease of use. Taking advantage of the latest technical innovations, this kit offers a powerful battery and a clearomizer of rofvapehigh quality that will offer you a vape of quality. (Price : 45,90 euros)

-(HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) The kit " A Equal " or " A+ "To Rofvape is a real competition model for novice vapers. The same power and the same possibilities as an “Ego One” kit from Joyetech with the added reliability and quality of manufacture. This kit will clearly delight beginner vapers who have a certain requirement in terms of quality and performance. (see the complete review) (Price : 45 euros)


subox- The kit Istick 40W by Eleaf is offered at a very attractive price and will allow you to discover a constant and regulated vape. Designed for large vapers, this ultra compact set offers a summary of the latest technical trends. (see the complete review) (Price : 55,90 euros with battery)

- The Kit Subox Mini by Kanger is perfect for heavy vapers who want to improve their performance and learn about new sensations in the best conditions. (see the complete review) (Price : 74,90 euros vtcwith battery)

– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) The kit " Evic VTC Mini "And" Evic VTC Mini Tron »Par Joyetech are real compromises between reliability and performance. Equipped with the latest features of the moment including the famous temperature control, these kits can accompany you over time and will undoubtedly be your greatest happiness. (see the complete review) (Price : 79,90 euros with battery)

- The kit " X Mini Cube "And" TFV4 Mini By Smoktech offers you a real combo of madness. The latest box from Smoktech a little geeky will offer you up to 75 watts and allow you any type of use. As for the “TFV4 Mini” atomizer, it is clearly one of this year's best-sellers, probably one of the best models on the market. (Price : 99.90 Euros)

- The kit « Ipv D3 "And" Aromamizer »Is a combo that could allow you to combine power, flavor and discovery of the reconstructable. (Price : 124 Euros)


dna200This year again, we will have been spoiled by the innovations in terms of power and quality of vape. It's not easy to make a choice at the end of the year when many manufacturers are launching their new products. Here is our selection for this Christmas guide:


– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) Reuleaux Dna200 : With the advent of the Dna200, the “Reuleaux” box from Wismec is clearly one of the must-haves for this end of the year. It accepts 3 18650 batteries and combines power and ergonomics, a real must! (Price : 189.90 Euros)
- SX Mini Class-ML (Yihi) : The new monster from Yihi comes to play the festive disturbance for Christmas! Equipped with the all new generation of SX350J-V2 Yihi Ecigar chipset, there is no doubt that it will be able to satisfy you. (Price : 199.00 Euros)
- Radius (Provape) : This year, Provape is back in force on the market with its "Radius" box, although it is quite limited (40 watts max) the finish is as usual! (Price : 189,00 Euros)
- Hexhom (Craving Vapor) : This model has also made the buzz lately. Equipped with the OKL2-T / 20-W12 chipset for a voltage ranging from 3.7 to 6 Volts, the "Hexhom" offers a maximum power of 110 watts and colorful and very varied designs. (Price : 185.00 Euros)
- Vikings Vap : This box is part of the Dna200 generation, accepting 2 18650 batteries, it is aimed at experienced vapers wishing to make the most of their rebuildable atomizers. (Price : 249.00 Euros)



- Box Emys (Mod In France) : A mechanical box 100% French produced in only 50 pieces. Extremely compact and high-end, the Emys is a true collector's item! (Price : 490 Euros)
- The Duke (Vicious Ant) : This box is one of the revelations of the year. In terms of design, we clearly find the features of the famous Italian car brand. The " The Duke »Is a reference of the year 2015 in terms of mechanical mod (Price : 189.90 Euros)
- Box Tres Equis (JD Tech) : A magnificent mechanical box in the same line as the "Reuleaux". The possibility of putting 3 18650 batteries, Adept of autonomy or power-vaping, this box is for you. (Price : 249.00 Euros)



– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITORThe Hurricane (E-phoenix) : In terms of reconstructable atomizer, he is the king of the year 2015! The Hurricane has clearly swept away all its competitors with its flavor rendering and its mounting possibilities! (Price : 179.90 Euros)
- Alpha RTA (Atmomixani) : Once again, Atmomixani has set the bar high with its “Alpha RTA”, an elegant, efficient and innovative model. (Price : 135.00 Euros)
- Origen Genesis V2 MKII : Whatever we say, Norbert stays in place with this model. A safe bet that will offer you a good flow of vapor and an incomparable flavor. The possibility of making the assemblies with mesh or cotton is a real advantage. (Price : 134.90 Euros)
- Mirage V3 (AB1) : If you are looking for an exceptional dripper, without leaks and flavor oriented, it is probably your target! (Price : 105 Euros)
- Madness RDA (Atmistic) : Once again, we are talking about an exceptional dripper that can only satisfy you (Price : 89.90 Euros)



- The Goblin Mini (Youde) : This atomizer is one of the good surprises of the year, rebuildable in single or dual coil, it is compact and efficient. (Price : 29.90 Euros)
- The Bellus (Youde) : Again, Youde offers an atomizer with a rendering of flavor and steam really bluffing! ( Price : 38.90 Euros)
- Aeronaut RDA : You are looking for a very aerial vape dripper, the Aeronaut is for you. Model reserved for lovers of large clouds. (Price : 55.90 Euros)
- Aromamizer RDTA : A rebuildable atomizer dripper type with tank, a model worthy of the best drippers that offers an exceptional rendering of flavors. (Price : 37.90 Euros)
- Mutation X MT RTA : The "Mutation X" are always references in terms of reconstructable. This model is as efficient as the previous models with the advantage of having a large 3ml tank. (Price : 37.90 Euros)
– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITORTFV4 Mini (Smok) : It's our favorite in atomizer this year! Clearomiser, Rebuildable, The TFV4 is a real monster that can only make you happy! (Price : 44.90 Euros)



- Set up Tres Equis (Bronze) / Mirage Evo : A 3 battery box accompanied by one of the best flavor oriented dripper of the year! (Price : 329 Euros)
- Set up Noisy Cricket / Indestructible (Wismec) : the JayBo mechanical box associated with the Indestructible dripper for a high quality combo! (Price : 69 Euros)
– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITORSet up Reuleaux RX200 / Indestructible (Wismec) : The famous box equipped with chipset Joyetech Rx200 associated with the Indestructible dripper. (Price : 99.00 Euros)
- Set up SnowWolf / Dripper Freakshow : The 200 watt "SnowWolf" box associated with the " Freakshow From Wotofo (Price : 149.00 Euros)
- Set up Nemesis 30 / Scythe dripper : An exceptional tube combo by Atmomixani (Price : 235 Euros)
- Set up Nemi / Anima dripper : What about this little combo by Atmomixani… Just superb, a true work of art (Price : 195 Euros)
- Set up Nemesis / Striker dripper : A hybrid combo that combines a magnificent mechanical mod whose reputation is well established with a superb dripper. (Price : 195 Euros)



We could give you a whole ranking of our favorite e-liquids of the year but there are so many choices that it will not be really exhaustive. With the restrictions coming in 2016, we can only advise you to indulge yourself in these Christmas celebrations. And why not take the opportunity to stock up on nicotine base and aromas!



This Christmas period can also be an opportunity to offer or afford accessories related to the e-cigarette that will enhance your collection. Here is our selection of accessories :

- Deco Vapote : It's been a few years since " Papy Vapote »As we affectionately call it offers storage stands for your e-cigarettes. A craft object with a top finish! (Price : According to model)
- Stickers for Mod : And why not take the opportunity to customize your mod or box with a nice sticker? Find a complete selection on Vaporskinz, Jwraps or even mightyskins. You will also be able to create your own custom skin. (Price: According to model)
- Drip-Tip :
There are all kinds of drip-tips with more or less important prices depending on the quality of manufacture. This can make a nice gift for a collector vaper.Price : According to model)
- Battery cell : This year, new batteries have appeared, it might be time to change them, right? The new batteries " Effest Milka"," Mxjo 18650 "And" 18650 Modworks Could possibly do the trick? (Price : 9,90 to 15,90 per unit)
- Care instructions : More and more stores offer good solutions to maintain your equipment, so why not invest in a bag of Capecod (Price : 5,60 euros approximately) Or in an ultrasonic cleaner (Price : From 30 euros)
- Clothing : One of the novelties of the year in France is the arrival of T-shirts and clothing related to vaping. You will easily find T-shirts and goodies bearing the effigy of your favorite e-liquids and brands. (Price : According to model)



This list is of course not exhaustive and there are many other gift possibilities to offer. The important thing remains that currently the vape is sailing on sight with the arrival of the transposition of the tobacco directive, and even if we do not want to be fatalistic, these celebrations will perhaps be one of the last moments to please you or to do pleasure with vaping products. So go ahead and happy holidays to all!

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