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FILE: Doesn't vaping evolve too quickly?

FILE: Doesn't vaping evolve too quickly?

The e-cigarette has been around for many years now, but in two years there has been a real boom in the evolution of it. At first glance, we all agreed to congratulate each other and tell each other that the vape was moving forward, but with this evolution a lot of things have changed: The number of shops, the mentality of vapers, the notoriety of certain people and for finish the material which is constantly evolving, day after day. So is vaping taking hold in France? Doesn't it evolve too fast? has decided to go into detail with this file.



In the space of two years, the e-cigarette material has evolved at a phenomenal rate! While at the beginning of 2013, we talked a lot about stardust clearomizers, cartomizers and ego batteries, at the end of 2014, we hear more than mods, reconstructables, box, sub-ohm, power vaping ... Proof that everything has changed in a very short time in the world of vaping. The " High-end »Literally exploded in a few months, there are now several hundred modders around the world (USA, Philippines, France, Germany…) and the competition is raging. Several examples, first of all Aspire and Kangertech who are engaged in a merciless battle and who have totally dropped Vision and Joyetech in the clearomiser market, These two brands release new models every month then minis, megas, giants , turbos ... In short, an impressive development which means that a brand which was leader a few months ago can become " Has Been In a few weeks. And we find this phenomenon in all sectors of the vape, whether for mods, mods-boxes, atomizers (see Pipeline - Squattalm -Svoemoesto). Choice, always more choice, but a vision of the vape that becomes troubled by the impressive number of possibilities, and all this in just two years.



If at the beginning, the piece of the pie was interesting for the shops when sharing, it is clear that now only crumbs remain. E-cigarette shops have sprouted like mushrooms everywhere and the competition is starting to be fatal for some, clearly a natural selection is being set up. And if a year ago, opening a shop did not require a great knowledge of vaping, nor a minimum involvement in the sector, that has changed a lot! The constant evolution of equipment now obliges managers to be always up to date with current events, being the first to order new products becomes a necessity in order not to end up with unsaleable stock. Product exclusives, advance payments to suppliers with long delays, the obligation to buy in large quantities. These are all things that increasingly complicate the establishment of new stores, but it is an integral part of this evolution of the vape. In addition, it is not easy to establish itself in a market or barely received the trendy merchandise, it finds itself almost become obsolete. It takes rigor, anticipation, knowledge and also a big budget. It is now clear that with this evolution of the vape, only stores that have the means to follow the trend will continue to exist.



With a growing number of users, the evolution of the vaping mentality has deteriorated over time. In a world where mutual aid and cohesion ruled for several years, divisions began to emerge a few months ago, shortly after the number of e-cig users exploded. Clone wars, conception of free vaping, conflicts between businesses, conflicts on social networks, denunciations ... Many events which, in the end, harm vaping and cause a devaluation more than an evolution in the way of thinking . Fortunately, this does not concern everyone, because this mentality only exists in certain vaping communities (ie only a certain percentage of e-cigarette users in France). Over time, vapers will eventually agree and come together around a common cause, the defense of vaping whether willingly or by force ... (TPD, various standards, control of the e-cig, ...)



Until a few years ago, the e-cigarette was considered a mere gadget in the eyes of the media and the majority of the population. The year 2014 will have been that of the appearance of the e-cigarette in the eyes of all the media. Not a day goes by without a newspaper or a television show talking about it! But this media coverage is double-edged because even if it reveals the existence of the vape in the eyes of all, the criticism is often merciless and offers an often distorted image of our dear e-cigarette. French magazines dedicated to vaping have appeared as well as many blogs and forums, and if in 2013 there were only a few reviewers in France, there are now hundreds of them making videos for a variety of reasons. Moreover, some who were just testers of equipment at the start are now real references within the vape community, “stars” who are followed adored by some and hated by others. Proof of the blatant evolution of vaping in media terms remains the “Vape Wave” project initiated by Jan Kounen, a film that we could not even have imagined the existence of a year ago.



Obviously, the e-cigarette could not cut it .. If everyone did not care what was in the old models of e-cigarettes, the "buzz" caused in 2014 has changed the situation, a certain evolution with Good and less good. The need to know what the e-cigarette actually contains and its potential dangers is something that we can understand, but Minister Marisol Tourraine also took the opportunity to make it her hobbyhorse, using every loophole available to try to discredit the vape. Despite the many foreign studies in favor of the e-cig and the positive positon taken by many health specialists, we still manage to have erroneous studies like that of 60 million consumers or that published by AFP and widely disseminated. The evolution of vaping has brought many controversies at the scientific and governmental level and we have even noticed an increase in recent months.



Even if no one will be able to predict the distant future of vaping, we can already see the speed at which vaping has evolved. Passed from shadow to light in a little over a year, the vape has undergone a real facelift due to its success. We know that a project that works attracts the curious, the opportunists, the businessmen, therefore the vaping has evolved and continues to evolve at high speed because there is a strong demand and a real economic stake. Despite this, over time, a natural selection of shops and distributors is being set up and will obviously stabilize vaping in the future and will regulate this influx of new products. Yes, vaping has evolved too quickly, and despite its success, its evolution is not proportional to the economic stakes. Currently some shops are closing and the influx of new vapers has clearly diminished compared to the beginning of 2014. The large media presence and the wars of ideas in the community are an integral part of this rapid development and this will probably stabilize in time. We can consider that the year 2014 was a kind of transition between shadow and light, the vape like any successful revolutionary product will find its place when the media and financial craze begins to fade and stabilize. The only barriers still in place are the position of governments, European standards and directives which, we hope, will not make the e-cigarette pass from light to shadow.

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