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COMPETITION: Win the right to quit smoking! 30 prizes to win!

COMPETITION: Win the right to quit smoking! 30 prizes to win!

Le Vapelier OLF suggests you quit smoking

or help your friends to do it by winning

a material suitable for beginners in the vape.

If you haven't taken the plunge yet, now is the right time to make the ultimate healthy effort and switch to a tobacco alternative known to be 95% more healthy ! Your body, your family and those around you will say thank you!

For 13 days, from April 12 to 25, we invite you to win thirty complete, ready-to-vape devices designed specifically for beginners. Safe, easy to use and internationally renowned systems!

You can therefore win 15 ePen 3 with two tobacco flavor capsules or 15 ePods with two capsules of the same flavor. The manufacturer, Vype *, is ranked number 1 in tobacconist sales in France. As a bonus, this is for each reference a limited version!

To win, nothing could be simpler: just send an e-mail with "I participate" in the subject line at the following address: and to be of age, of course!

On April 26, we will hold a draw and the winners will be notified by return email. So, don't hesitate to try your luck, it costs nothing and it can change your life!

Oh yes, don't forget: If you don't smoke, don't vape !!!

* Vype is not a partner of the game. Each prize was purchased by Le Vapelier OLF for the organization of this competition.

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