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HEALTH: After quitting smoking, tips for ending vaping.

HEALTH: After quitting smoking, tips for ending vaping.

We often talk about quitting smoking, but vaping, a real risk reduction tool, is not necessarily a solution that can be used for life. Indeed, according to most studies, the risks of prolonged use of the e-cigarette seem small but not nonexistent. So should we really stop vaping as soon as possible? How to go about putting an end to the e-cigarette?


You have finally stopped smoking altogether but you are wondering whether to finish with vaping. According Dr Anne-Marie Ruppert, tobacco specialist at Tenon hospital in Paris « There is no rush to quit your electronic cigarette", yet with a view to the total elimination of risk, it may be interesting to also end this new addiction that vaping represents.

“It is rare to have to consult a tobacco specialist to wean oneself from vaping” - Dr Valentine Delaunay

But be careful not to do anything and not want to go too fast! " It is better to take your time so as not to get into difficulty and risk falling back into tobacco.”Specifies the Dr Anne-Marie Ruppert.

How to go about ending vaping ?

- Take your time and choose the right moment.

Before getting started, you have to make sure you are well stabilized in this new life without cigarettes. the Dr Valentine Delaunay, tobacco specialist, advises to quietly pass three to six months without tobacco, before considering stopping the vape. There is no particular health risk. To date, scientific data has not shown long-term toxicity with electronic cigarettes.

Once you've made your decision, stay tuned to your body. It is he who will give the signal. "When you start to forget your vape at work or in the car, you will feel that you don't need it as much anymore, that you gain freedom”, Notes Dr Delaunay.

Your sensations in the throat will also be different. "At one point, you will feel that the smoke from the vape in your throat is too strong: it is irritating and makes you want to cough. This is a sign that the dose of nicotine you are taking is too high. You can start to decrease it", adds the tobacco specialist.

- Lower your consumption step by step .

The procedure is simple: it suffices to gradually reduce the doses of inhaled nicotine. Dr Delaunay recommends "reduce by two to three milligrams every three to four months." If the need for nicotine is felt again, we go back to the upper level for a few weeks, before trying a new reduction. "No need to rush. The last milligrams of nicotine are sometimes the hardest to cut down."

Obviously, the optics of stopping vaping should not result in resuming smoking. This is the main risk if it breaks too quickly. A little advice from the editorial staff, after having finally managed to stop vaping, do not hesitate to keep a kit and e-liquid in a corner for any possible hard blow. If you are going to a party or an event where the risk of relapse may be significant, take this kit with you which will serve you in case of need. Nothing is worse than falling for a slayer again after so much effort.

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