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HEALTH: Heart disease, 30% of patients do not stop smoking despite the risks.

HEALTH: Heart disease, 30% of patients do not stop smoking despite the risks.

With the arrival on the e-cigarette market, it is impossible to say that no solution exists against smoking. Yet many adults with cardiovascular disease know the risks, but despite a history of heart attack or stroke do not stop smoking. In response to this finding, the researchers asked " a stronger commitment of decision-makers but also of primary care teams to offer therapies and provide advice on stopping smoking to people with cardiovascular diseases ”.


This is an analysis of data from the large national study Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study (PATH). This analysis allowed researchers to compare smoking rates over time in 2.615 adult participants with a self-reported history of heart attack, heart failure, stroke or other heart disease. These participants responded to 4 surveys over a 5-year follow-up period.

  • On inclusion, in 2013, nearly a third of the participants (28,9%) declared smoking or consuming a tobacco product. The researchers say that this smoking rate corresponds to about 6 million American adults who smoke, despite a history of cardiovascular disease (CVD);
  • 82% smoked cigarettes, 24% cigars, 23% electronic cigarettes, many participants consuming multiple tobacco products;
  • the use of electronic cigarettes without concomitant use of cigarettes was rare (1,1%) in those participants with CVD;
  • the use of smokeless tobacco products was reported by 8,2% of participants and the use of other tobacco products was infrequent;
  • by the end of the study, 4 to 5 years later, less than 25% of those smokers with CVD had quit; their participation rate in a smoking cessation program increased from 10% to around 2% ...

One of the main authors, the Dr Cristian Zamora, in internal medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine comments on these results: « It is concerning that despite the well-documented benefits of quitting smoking, especially after a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, so few patients quit smoking ».

It is still good to note that 95,9% say they know that smoking is a factor in heart disease and especially that 40,2% say that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Proof that by promoting vaping, it is clearly possible to limit the risks in these adults with cardiovascular diseases. It is still necessary that political decision-makers stop denouncing and regulating vaping at all costs!

Source : Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) 9 Jun 2021 DOI: 10.1161 / JAHA.121.021118 Tobacco Use Prevalence and Transitions From 2013 to 2018 Among Adults With a History of Cardiovascular Disease


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