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INDONESIA: An amendment to ban e-cigarettes permanently!

INDONESIA: An amendment to ban e-cigarettes permanently!

The Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) recently introduced an amendment to change an existing law to permanently ban the use of e-cigarettes in the country.

Penny Lukito, President of BPOM


Following the "health scandal" which took place in the United States, many countries are taking drastic measures against e-cigarettes. This is the case of Indonesia or the president of BPOM (Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency), Penny Lukito, said the vape was a health risk to consumers.

« So we need a legal basis. Without it, we cannot control and ban the distribution of e-cigarettes. The legal basis should be taken from the revised Government Regulation No. 109/2012“, She said Monday, referring to the existing regulation on tobacco products and distribution of addictive substances.

She also denied claims by an Indonesian vape consumer association that e-cigarettes are safer products to replace cigarette consumption.

Penny Lukito leans on the World Health Organization (WHO) which had not recommended the use of the two addictive products as therapy to stop smoking. According to Indonesian Personal Vaporizer Association (APVI), the country has around one million active e-cigarette users.

Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) for its part also suggested to ban the consumption of e-cigarettes following the discovery of two patients suffering from acute lung problems linked to the use of these two products in the country.

« E-cigarette use can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 56%, the risk of stroke by 30%, and heart problems by 10%“The IDI said in an earlier statement.

In addition to these risks, active uses of the e-cigarette could potentially exacerbate the liver, kidney and immune systems, said IDI, adding that brain problems could also occur in adolescents.

Indonesia's health policy to ban the use of e-cigarettes has placed the country among those considering doing so after Turkey, South Korea, India, the United States and the United States. Thailand.



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