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INNOVAPING DAYS: Ask for the program!

INNOVAPING DAYS: Ask for the program!

The lounge Innovaping days which will be held PARIS-CENTQUATRE in Paris will open its doors in a few days. So, the 14 and 15 2016 March, professionals will be able to find themselves in order to put in the page in terms of novelties to then face a clientele more and more knowledgeable and demanding.


For this edition of Innovaping days 2016is more than 190 brands who will be present to offer you the latest innovations on the market. If the show is at the base reserved for professionals, this year it will exceptionally host the 15 Mars audience from 12h to 18h. In order to find you easily in the living room, here is an interactive plan of the show (



For this show, the public entrance is at the price of 5 euros (lbadges are available here). For professionals, a badge is to be booked directly on the site of the innovaping days (badge to ask here).

Exhibition address :

5 Curial Street
75019 PARIS

Access to the lounge :


If you come by car, quickly reserve your place in a parking near the CENTQUATRE: Parking Riquet and Parking 2000 are located only 5 minutes walk.

Subway :

o Line 7: stop Riquet
o 2, 5, 7 lines: Stalingrad stop

o 12 lines: stop Marx Dormoy


o Line 54: stops Crimea or Crimea / Curial or Riquet
o Line 60: stops Crimea or Crimea / Curial

o "La Traverse" shuttle: Riquet or Curial / Archereau stops


From Gare Montparnasse: about 30 minutes

o Metro line 4 (Direction Porte De Clignancourt) to the stop Gare l'Est (Verdun).

o Metro line 7 (Direction 8 May 1945) until the stop Riquet.

From Gare de l'Est: about 15 minutes

o Metro line 7 (Direction 8 May 1945) until the stop Riquet.
From Gare de Lyon: about 30 minutes
o Metro line 14 (Direction Gare Saint Lazare) to the stop Pyramides.
o Metro line 7 (Direction 8 May 1945) until the stop Riquet.
From Gare Saint Lazare: about 25 minutes
o Metro line 3 (Direction Gallieni) to the stop Opera.
o Metro line 7 (Direction 8 May 1945) until the stop Riquet.
From Gare du Nord: about 20 minutes
o Metro line 5 (direction Bobigny Pablo Picasso) to stop Stalingrad

o Metro line 7 (Direction 8 May 1945) until the stop Riquet.


o G7 Taxi: 06 20 31 86 51
o Alpha-Taxis: 01 45 85 85 85

o Riquet Station - 67 Rue de Flandre - 01 40 35 28 27

For more information, go to Official website of Innovaping Days or on the facebook page of the event.

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