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Interview - The Artist Collection: Vaponaute makes a breakthrough in the USA!

Interview - The Artist Collection: Vaponaute makes a breakthrough in the USA!

Randy from POET, Daniel Flavorz, George of Mr. Good Vape, Jeremy from Good life Vapor and Anne Claire of Vaponaute. Do these names remind you of something?

Njoy, a great American brand and one of the leaders in the fight against Big Tobacco in the USA, decided to create a new line of e-liquids "high end" named: " The artist Collection".

5 liquids

« The Artist Collection is a new exclusive line of liquids designed by five of the world's leading vaporizers in partnership with NJOY. As a leader in the fight against the tobacco giants, NJOY has teamed up with some of the world's best flavor artists to deliver five exceptional taste experiences. The Artist Collection will be available in American Vape stores from late November 2014. Njoy said on their website:

Njoy we present the different liquids with a beautiful video spot, in a subtle way, each creator presents us his liquid. Clearly it makes us want to know more and taste them. (Video below)

The good surprise in the announcement of Njoyis the presence of a French brand among the great American names, " Vaponaute", Represented by Anne-Claire, who has managed to succeed and is poised to win in a market where it is difficult to make his place. Obviously we wanted to know more about the presence of "Vaponaute" in the development of this project. We contacted Anne-Claire for an exclusive interview:

Hello, can you introduce yourself for those who do not know who you are?

I'm Anne Claire, I'm the creator of e-liquids Vaponaute, it's me who develops the flavors for the brand Vaponaute. I am also the founder with Leopold.

The brand Njoy will release a range "The artist collection" which brings together 5 major brands of e-liquid, how was the meeting with Njoy?

So it was them who contacted us about 6 months ago. At the time we went to the United States, to start launching our brand there. As we are currently doing with Vaperev. We visited several shops and there were very good feedback and a good echo on the products we offered. It was Njoy who came directly to us, to offer us to collaborate on this film through Daniel from "Flavorz".

Did you meet the other brands of the Mr good vape range etc ...?

Yes, we had the first opportunity to meet most other brands including Randy POET and also the team of Mister Good Vape at the show ECC (Electronic Cigarette Convention) in the United States and then there At two weeks we were all invited for the pre-launch of the film and to thank us for our participation by Njoy.

Your liquid is called "Sacred Heart", which refers to Paris your hometown, did you choose the name "Sacred Heart" yourself?

So I chose the name for this liquid because it is really inspired and traditionally French pastry with a little twist. I wanted a Parisian touch, after to be completely transparent, Njoy had not given me any guarantee that it would be the name that would be used. But finally, they liked it.

Can you describe your liquid?

So it's a liquid that has a base a little macaron so we're on fresh almond powder, it's quite discussed we will say, with above a lot of fruit including gariguette strawberry and rhubarb , so these are fruits that remain quite delicate. And then other small touches that I reserve for tasting, there is vanilla etc ... It's really traditional in what we usually find in France even if rhubarb is not yet widely used but the goal was to do something a little simpler than what we usually do with the Vaponaute brand.

We know that the range comes out at the end of November in the United States, a date for France?

I do not do it myself, I do not take care of the marketing of the product so I can not answer you.

How was your first trip to the United States?

The first time we went in May with Leopold, we had taken a week to go there. We went to Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we had pre-selected a very specific number of shops. In France, there is no commercial solicitation and we are very selective in terms of distribution. We select the shops that contact us and we wanted the same thing in the United States, that is to say, to target a dozen shops that seemed ideal. So what happened is that we met several, we had several proposals for shops, we had this chance there, because in the US there are about four thousand brands of e-liquids. We contacted the shops but they did not answer so that's why we went straight there. We noticed when arriving in the shops that there was a very good reception finally, it was nice, we had several proposals for exclusive distributions and we decided to move towards Vaperev. There was a very good exchange and we appreciated how he selected the manufacturers. We had already worked with them on the "little fat" and now on our e-liquids.

What do Americans think of your e-liquids, do they like them?

Well if they did not find them good, I do not think we would have this style of proposals. No, on the contrary they like a lot because they are very different from what is found in the US market, that's why they do not like that in the United States. We've been able to prove to them that you can make liquids by really showcasing the original ingredients, with a natural taste. We do a mixture of natural and artificial flavors, but it does not matter because basically for melon, we have a real taste of melon, not a sweet melon. We will be very very close to the original taste, and as in the French gastronomic culture, especially desserts, we will not try to put buttered flavors to butter or sugar to sweeten, on the contrary when we talk about the France the goal is to express yourself as best as possible using spices and aromas and sublimate the fruit or chocolate. We are not going to make a chocolate cake that will be super sweet, but we will prefer the bitter chocolate side. And just that much more pleasing abroad because it goes away from what we find there. There are many things in the United States, they are very creative and do things very well, but we are much less sweet and buttery than Americans and people who like to have fun in terms of dinner and drinks enjoy our e-liquids.

So the United States loves your liquids!

We wish so, for the moment what we had as an echo, from the shops we requested, was done with great enthusiasm once they had tasted our e-liquids. So we hope that the public continues to have the same answer but for several months now we see on our website many more foreigners and especially Americans.

One last question, a new liquid by Vaponaute for soon?

So start 2015, there should normally be a new range, of four or five liquids. We are in the process of being finalized right now. We take a long time before we release something because we just do not want to rush and it's a lot of development work. It will be the same know-how, the same quality of aromas with flavors a little less complex, with some species that are used in Vaponaute liquids and others that will not be used in this new collection. In fact, the goal is to make with aromas a bit lighter, always with complexity and a little unexpected, but still with fewer levels of reading than what we are currently doing to just be a range transition for people who go from a basic liquid want to move on to something a little more complex to hopefully switch to the current Vaponaute range.

Thanks to Anne-Claire de Vaponaute for this interview.

Vaponaute Paris:

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