INTERVIEW: The E-cigarette lounge gets bare!

INTERVIEW: The E-cigarette lounge gets bare!

You may not have had the information yet but the 13-14-15 Mars 2015 will take place at Paris (Porte de Versailles) On E-cigarette lounge. While the organizers of the show have announced the list of the first exhibitors, we hear a lot about this new event. Writing So decided to meet the organizers of the e-cigarette show to clarify all the mystery around the event and know what to expect! The organization of the e-cigarette lounge tells you everything in exclusivity!


Hello, first of all thank you for accepting our interview, could you first introduce yourself please?

Hello, we are the team of Salon E-Cigarette. The core is made up of Mrs. Frédérique Achache and Messrs. Stéphane Afif and Paul Fitussi. Also part of the team Messrs Franck Duspastel (in charge of communication, especially on social networks) and Franck Cartier (in charge of logistical and technical aspects).

What is your experience in the world of electronic cigarettes?

I myself (Stéphane) ran an e-cigarette shop in Levallois-Perret nearly a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, the multiplication of the number of shops and a rather complicated conjuncture led me to refocus on my activities of organization of fairs and events.

Are you even a vaper?

All members of the team are. The only one that is still a bit of resistance is Frédérique. She is a very pretty woman who still has trouble with the object itself. We will eventually convince her.

What is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquids?

Then Stéphane and Paul use a 1300 carbon battery with a mini nautilus, Franck to communicate him, uses a box Istick with a nautilus and he hesitates to spend an atlantis with sub-ohm battery. To finish Franck to the technique / Logistics uses a battery vision spinner 1600 with a Kanger T2. For the e-liquids, we are all on French liquids (we will benefit from the show to discover the US and Philippine products of which we are told the most great good). Quoting marks is a little complicated for us (we do not want to hurt anyone). All French brands are rather nice.

Rumors say that the organization of the e-cigarette show is the same as that of the E-cig show, is this the case?

Our show has no relationship with the Ecig Show, both organizationally and programmatically. We are independent and this is our first e-cigarette show. The connection people have made is probably due to the fact that Paul Fitussi bought a few years ago the Golf Fair organized in the past by the organizer of the E-Cig Show with whom we have no connection.

At the show what are your ambitions?

Our dearest wish is to be able to make an open and convivial living room allowing the community of the vape to meet at least once a year. We want to allow greater public proximity with the players in the e-cigarette market. We are also moving forward with the exhibitors so that special offers for our show are put in place (special prices, special exhibits, etc.).

What animations have you planned for the show to be alive on the three days?

The program is being finalized. We are counting on the community to put together a maximum of ideas. We can already announce you:

- conferences on different themes (the main ones will be chosen by the community of the vape)

Animation of trainings by professionals during the 3 days :

o For beginners: the first steps in the electronic cigarette

o For beginners: learn how to make your coil and discover different set-ups (ohm, type of lead, type of cotton, wick ...)

o For all: discover rebuildable mods and atomizers / make your own e-liquid (DIY)

Games competitions :

o the traditional clouds cloud contest

o a blind test of e-liquids (it will be necessary to discover the tested taste, even the mark for the most known)

o assembly / disassembly of a timed reconstructible atomizer

There are already big names at the exhibitor level, how many booths will we have at the e-cigarette show? Is there a particular selection?

The list of our exhibitors is growing day by day (for reasons of confidentiality, some brands prefer to wait a few weeks before the show to be announced). We can already announce to date about forty exhibitors. There is no particular selection. We want a fair as open as possible, without controversy. However, it must be understood that an entity wishing to exhibit is a professional and sells quality products in accordance with the regulations in force.

Is your living room more oriented for the general public or the experts of the vape?

This show is intended for the general public as we want to allow as many people as possible to find an interest in our salon. However, whether it's a recent vapoteur (who will be able to discover equipment and test a lot of e-liquids) or a vape expert who is used to rebuilding, every vapoteur should be able to navigate it. From classic ego to the most sophisticated mods to e-liquid French, US and Filipino, there will be something for all tastes and for all budgets.

What sets you apart from other shows that have already taken place in France before?

Unlike other events held so far, we decided to open our show to the general public during the 3 days. That's why we chose Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that the greatest number of visitors can participate in the event. Indeed, why limit access to the general public only to one day? Some people work, others come from far away. Leaving the possibility of a whole weekend simplifies things for everyone. Moreover, from the observation that the majority of professionals prefer to come on Sunday since their outlets are generally open on weekdays and Saturdays, the selected dates, in our opinion, are therefore appropriate for the general public and the profession.

We also wish to make a point of honor to welcome the bloggers, reviewers and other amateurs who work behind their screens and who contribute to the evolution and the durability of the community of the vape. A space will be set up for these people to meet and interact with their subscribers and readers. The general public will be able to benefit from advantageous rates during the show on the stands of the exhibitors. Indeed, we ask each exhibitor to practice the best possible rates. For professionals, a dedicated space called "business center" will allow them to exchange with each other in complete confidentiality.

Many vapers and traders would like the shows to take place everywhere in France and not only in Paris, Why not have done in Marseille / Lyon / Lille to change? Are not you afraid that this will be too much show on Paris?

Our team is located in Paris, it is natural that we chose this city for our first edition. We must know that we plan to do the show in other cities if this first edition is a success. FYI, we launched our show in the summer 2014, well before the other shows taking place in the first half 2015 are announced.

Finally, a little message to pass to all vapers?

This is the first show on the consumer-oriented electronic cigarette. Whether you are intrigued by the vape, beginner or expert, come to discover, exchange, share your passion for the vape. We rely on the community of the vape to relay our message. We start from the idea that sharing and openness should allow us all to gather around a positive event. Our message: the Salon E-Cigarette is YOUR salon!


Thanks to the organizers of E-cigarette lounge for taking the time to answer our questions candidly! The first E-cigarette show for the general public will be held on 13, 14 and 15 Mars 2015 at the exhibition grounds Porte de Versailles in ParisThere is already a list of exhibitors very tempting: Myfreecig, Eway, Moonvape, CMF, Standard, Space Jam, Banzai Vapor, Provape... In short, this show now offers a great promise! We will follow very closely the organization of the show and offer you an article when the full program will be unveiled!

Official website of the show :
The official Facebook : E-cigarette salon page
Le Official Twitter : E-cigarette salon page

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