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INTERVIEW: Wheels & Time, the excellence of the French mechanical mod!

INTERVIEW: Wheels & Time, the excellence of the French mechanical mod!

For the old hands of the vape, the mechanical mod is not a discovery, yet it remains a full-fledged enigma for the first-time flyers. For this interview, it is not a question of factory products produced in large quantities but of craftsmanship, real nuggets within everyone's reach. Discreet, demanding and passionate, Sébastien Lavergne talks to us today about Wheels & Time, its manufacture which is a real spotlight for the excellence of mechanical mod French-style.


Hello Sébastien, can we talk to each other on familiar terms?

Yes, I even prefer.

You are more Expresso or rather tea ?

Personally, I prefer tea. I don't really like coffee. I apologize.

It doesn't matter Sébastien. You are a craftsman-moderator, which means that you make mecha mods. For those who don't know, can you explain to us what a mechanical mod ?

Well listen, in short, it's an electronic cigarette but without electronics. So, in fact, it's wireless, component-free. Everything is mechanical in it.

Your story is above all that of a passion. When and how did she start ?

It started, if I'm not mistaken, it's been 9 years. I lost a loved one to cancer at the age of 32. I told myself that it would be time, too, that I quit the cigarette. And so, I went to the Brice forum at the time. I did my first mechanical mod actually because I was a handyman. So I made myself my first against and then it snowballed. So there it is, I am there now.

You are a pure craftsman of art and everything is done with your hands. It must take you a long time to make ?

Yes, in fact, it can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. It depends on the models. It's very long.

Precisely, even today, you work alone ?

Yes because, in fact, I have a very small workshop which is about 15 m² so it would be hard to work with several people but I prefer, in fact, to master the whole process.

What materials do you prefer to use ?

So, I use a lot but I have a small preference for leather, ceramic and brass which is on all my mecha mods.

You are known worldwide for the Steampunk series and yet, you have many other ranges in your catalog. Can you tell us about it ?

So yes, I do ceramics. I do titanium. I do carbon. I do leather too. I do the customizable and the non-customizable. I also do dual accumulator mods, mechanical boxes Juxta V2 especially. Then, I think that's it. It's already good.

Yes, it's already not bad ! You are also specialized in the personalization of your mods which makes each mechanical mod is unique by its manufacture but also by its decoration. How do I do if I want one against custom ?

You can contact me either by email, or by the site, or by Facebook, or by SMS. And from there, I'll just give you all the information you need.

You also sometimes make partnerships with other craftsmen or even with shops, you like to share your work with the pros too. ?

For mods in leather, precisely, I work with a Saddler who works in the cinema. And for the shops, I have a few that I work with.

Tell us about the projects you have in mind.

The problem is, I have plenty of them, but they are not on paper yet. So everything is there again. So, it is not yet well defined. There, I worked on the Juxta V2. I would like to remake a Pandora V2 but hey, it's not yet clear.

With certain liquidators, you also carry out promotional operations. Can you tell us about it ?

Yes, then, I developed this in February with Exaliquid and Datasmoke. So, in fact, the point is to please my customers by offering them juice. So for February, I said it was Exaliquid and Datasmoke. In March, we have Mr. Brewer. In April, we have Skollvaping and Ladybug Juice and after, it spreads in September and then after, we will see. But hey, it's catching on, it's cool.

Well thank you Sébastien for all these dream objects that you create on a daily basis, what can we wish for Wheels & Time for the future ?

Well listen, me, I would like not to retire and end up, all alone, like an old crouton in my workshop. It would be great.

Well, that's all we wish for you, Sébastien. I thank you and see you soon !

Good bye.

To find out more or to order your mechanical mod Wheel & Time, meeting on the official website or on the official Facebook page.


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