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INQUIRY: Understanding the use of e-cigarettes in France (Results)

INQUIRY: Understanding the use of e-cigarettes in France (Results)

A few months ago the site ECigIntelligence launched a new survey in collaboration with the editorial staff of . The objective of this one was to study how and why French vapers use an electronic cigarette and better understand their user experience. Today we reveal the results of this survey.


This survey conducted the month of September to November 2018 near 116 guests brings a new vision of the current state of the French e-cigarette market. Several conclusions can be drawn concerning the understanding of the use of e-cigarettes in the country:

- Specialty shops are the main channel for the purchase of e-liquids while online stores are used to purchase equipment. As in the previous survey, respondents are very critical of tobacconists.
- The French market seems to be sophisticated and dominated by devices commonly called "open systems".
- Most participants report having at least one secondary device, usually an advanced open system. The main reason being the possibility of having more than one flavor.
- "Do It Yourself" e-liquids (DIY) are popular because of affordable prices and their customization options.
- The e-liquid market is very fragmented.


A) Who are the participants in this survey ?

116 people responded to this survey. Among the participants we find 85% of men for 15% of women, most of them former smoking men aged between 30 and 49 years.

B) Reasons for using an e-cigarette

While the primary reasons for using e-cigarettes are multiple, respondents are still 52% to put forth " help with total cessation of smoking". Regarding the reasons for the first use of an e-cigarette, three answers take precedence over others: " Positive feedback from family / friends "( 27%) " curiosity "(23%) And " seeing people use it "(23%). It should be noted that there has not been much evolution in the responses to the survey conducted last year.

C) The concentration of purchases of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in France

According to the survey specialty shops are the main channel for the purchase of e-liquids while online stores are used to purchase equipment. For online shops, respondents are 34% to be declared " not be comfortable with internet buying "and 10% « to find that the expedition is long". 8% only respondents consider that tobacconists are not qualified to sell vape And yet they are 62% to be declared " never want to buy at a tobacconist".

Finally, for 69% interviewees specialized shops « are more expensive "(That internet), she" lacks choice "(29%) and "availability" (26%).

D) The type of equipment used by French vapers

According to the answers gathered, it appears that a large majority of French vapers use "open" and advanced systems (91%). They are only 4% to declare using basic open systems and 3% to use "open" podmods. More than 75% respondents report having a second kit and more generally an open and advanced system.

E) E-liquid consumption in France

According to the survey results more than 50% Respondents say that they produce DIY e-liquids (Do it yourself) in order to save money. Indeed only 23% respondents say they buy prefabricated 10 ml vials. In the order of importance regarding the purchase of e-liquids, respondents state that they first attach to ''the taste "(9,4 Index) then to " the trust of the manufacturer "(8,1 Index).

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