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CAGNOTTE: Support "You do not know nicotine" and represent the French vape!

CAGNOTTE: Support "You do not know nicotine" and represent the French vape!

It's an initiative of a new kind that we present Franck Shoemaker, tobacconist in Martigues and manager of the group "Training tobacconist electro" on the social network Facebook. He who threw himself headlong into the market of the reduction of the risks of smoking as of November 2012 launches a real challenge to the representatives of the French vape: To gather around a kitty to support the documentary film " You do not know nicotine »Of the director Aaron Biebert.


"For almost 5 years, I form tobacconists in the profession of vape in my point of sale. In order to train more and more colleagues, I created dynamic groups on the social network Facebook: " Training tobacconist electro "(Which has been around for a year) totally dedicated to training and" Training tobacconist electro business ", Dedicated to the connection between the tobacconists and the professional actors of the risk reduction by the vape.

The group "Training tobacconist electro" is based on the sharing and feedback of experiences between tobacconists, including trades vape. We exchange on different topics (layout, legislation, suppliers, manufacturers of e-liquid, smoking and nicotine addiction, equipment, sales pitch, "diagnostic" needs)

Our philosophy is as follows :

- To strive for a responsible and lasting vape that will guarantee a future and massive adhesion of consumers of combustible cigarettes.

- Take the opposite of the cleavage "Specialty shop / tobacconist" which plays against the potential of the vape. We want to put forward a simple idea: That there are no specialized shops or tobacconists but only "outlets" anxious to highlight the potential of the vape to convert the greatest number.

On my initiative and after consulting Zed Le Buraliste, I made the decision to set up a kitty in order to participate in the financing of " You do not know nicotine", The documentary film by Aaron Biebert.

As a reminder, a contribution from 10 000 dollars offers the possibility of obtaining two VIP seats for the premiere of the film

The original idea that I submitted was to send two tobacconists but the event is important and it must be an opportunity to take the opposite of a persistent cleavage.

The goal should not be to defend the interests of tobacconists or specialized shops or even the interests of the consumer but to defend the enormous potential of the vape. The opportunity to highlight the capabilities of the vape in terms of job creation, reduced smoking prevalence, risk reduction, reduced costs for the consumer ...

In the end, this pool mutualist open to all will get the sesame to send not two tobacconists but two "points of sale" (a shop manager and a tobacconist) representative of a responsible and sustainable vape.

They will be representatives of the French vape for this event that will focus the attention of many professional actors of vaping at the international level. "

To participate in this great project we invite you to visit the page of the pot here. Also find the prize pool of the documentary film "You do not know nicotine" at this address.

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