TALK E-JUICE: Our selection of 2018 e-liquids for Christmas!

TALK E-JUICE: Our selection of 2018 e-liquids for Christmas!

The Christmas holidays are approaching and it might be time to wonder what e-liquids will be able to accompany us for the occasion. Once again, the editorial staff of went on a hunt to find the nuggets that will enliven meals and moments of relaxation with the family.



For the first time the French manufacturer Ekoms launches a Christmas e-liquid limited edition (Limited to 1117 bottles!). And you'll understand, if you already have the tree is Ekoms who feast for "Christmas balls".

In this charming festive period where plaids, hot chocolates, candies and fireplaces become our best friends, Ekoms offers a marron ice cream in the rules of art, crunchy wish and fondant love to which are added a delicate cream of Hazelnut, a touch of rum to keep you awake and a touch of delicate Bourbon Vanilla to prolong the festivities!

Composition : 35% VG / 65% PG - Price : 22,90 Euros approximately / 50 ml


Heisenberg or Pinkman, you probably already know these mythical references of Vampire Vape. For Christmas, the English manufacturer offers two new gourmet e-liquid to taste around the fire. Available in 50ml format the first "The Nice One" is a chocolate filled with mint cream and the second "The Naughty One" offers a pretzel filled with cream and salted caramel.

Composition : 30% VG / 70% PG - Price : 19,90 Euros approximately


While it is inconceivable to consider Christmas parties without fir, the vapers who particularly appreciate the spruce will even be able to vape thanks to the famous French brand "Alfaliquid". This e-liquid with aromas of pine and eucalyptus will undoubtedly make you travel in the spruce forests of the far north, and after all what better to represent Christmas than this famous smell of fir.

Composition : 24% VG / 76% PG - Price : 5,50 Euros approximately / 10 ml


Christmas is synonymous with greed and pleasure. With NKV's Black Juice e-liquid all the ingredients are there to make NKV's Black Juice a classic gourmet.

Tobacco, chocolate, vanilla, grilled hazelnut, that's what this great gourmet recipe is made of. This juice concocted by the famous Nuke Vapes is homogeneous, well balanced, of a moderate aromatic power but well calibrated. A must to finish the Christmas Eve meal that promises to be busy.

Composition : 50% VG / 50% PG - Price : 5,90 Euros approximately / 10 ml


The gingerbread, a real pleasure to enjoy during Christmas. Gingerbread by the French Factory should allow you to appreciate the authentic flavor of a delicate honey dish mixed with spice flavors such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

A little like a madeleine Proust, this e-liquid offers you a return to childhood at a tasty when it is always good to remember the good times spent around the tree.

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 19,90 Euros approximately / 50 ml


No, this Christmas season is not an opportunity to get angry with family and friends. Even if this is contradictory, the "Anger" e-liquid by Phode Sense could well reconcile everyone.

And anger is good! We feel a grape flush, rather red, without excess sugar but almost tangible in the mouth like a flow of juice and spices land ball in the head! Cinnamon, clove .... A real mulled wine to taste around the fire!

Composition : 50% VG / 50% PG - Price : 6,90 Euros approximately / 10 ml


For Christmas, the brand E.Tasty launches a special edition e-liquid that will be available only for the months of December and January 2019. And as much to say that Santa Claus is pretty cool! This new "Xmas Juice" is nothing more than a generous cookie dusted with caramelized peanuts with a whiff of vanilla and cinnamon whipped cream. So watch out for the liver crisis!

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 18,90 Euros approximately / 50 ml


Let's continue in gluttony with an e-liquid planned for Christmas: The Christmas Cookie & Cream by Pulp. Cookies, lots of cream and spices, enough to indulge in dessert time without taking any extra pounds.

This e-liquid already popular with vapers is a clever mix of gourmet and balanced that will please those who agree to open a little to wonder.

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 23,90 Euros approximately / 50 ml


A bit of originality? We change the range and go from sweet delicacy to salty greed for a successful Christmas aperitif. This is clearly what the French brand V'Ape promises you with its e-liquid "Doucoury" that will allow you to find the taste of roasted chicken chips with a touch of curry.

This little salty pleasure could well help you not to overdo during the aperitif of New Year's Eve and therefore to keep up with the hellish pace of a dantesque meal (as every year).

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 5,90 Euros approximately / 10 ml


Have not you forgotten a symbolic ingredient of Christmas? Obviously! This is the chestnut! A creamy dessert, sweetened and turned to forest fruits, certainly the chestnut. But that's not all, there is also nougatine that takes over, but it is not sickening. It is softened by the chestnut, and the mix of both is exceptional.

Composition : 50% VG / 50% PG - Price : 5,90 Euros approximately / 10 ml


Fir, nuts, chestnuts and also tangerines! To digest these family Christmas meals and to stay zen we offer a little freshness with the e-liquid "Grand Master" Vincent in the Vapes.

The Grand Master invites you to a meditative pause. Let yourself be carried away by this infusion of chaï tea, lemon and mandarin which will be your Zen moment with each aspiration.

Composition : 50% VG / 50% PG - Price : 6,90 Euros approximately / 10 ml


A true ode to the wonder and the pleasure of Christmas. It is on a light and touching theme that this recipe delivers its gustatory knowledge. Absinthe is sweet and caressing. Whether it is aniseed or fennel (or slightly coriander), it does not attack ball in the head. The orange happens to play with the strength of the anise like a companion of fortune. She does not slap in the mouth but manages to shine like kind of accompanying ribs.

A little green fairy paired with orange for a sweet Christmas meal end.

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 6,00 Euros approximately / 10 ml


« Sweet night Nights, All is quiet more noise, It's Christmas and over there in the sky ...". What would be Christmas without a small tasting of iced chestnut? With this in mind, the manufacturer Evoluvap launches for the holidays the e-liquid "Sweet Night".

Gourmet, magical, this little juice offers to excite the taste buds with nougat, orange, speculoos or iced brown. A real treat to consume without moderation!

Composition : 60% VG / 40% PG - Price : 19,90 Euros approximately / 40 ml


To finish this selection of Christmas go to a tenor of the vape: Flavor Power. For Christmas, the French liquidaire presents us his version of the "Brown Ice".

To get this nectar, imagine chestnuts steamed with sugar, water, a touch of rum and a vanilla pod cut in half. After a swim in this syrup, the chestnuts are found coated with an unctuous icing and sweetened to thrill all the greedy on the planet.

Composition : 50% VG / 50% PG - Price : 5,50 Euros approximately / 10 ml

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