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LET'S TALK E-JUICE: VNUMX ml vials overboosted

LET'S TALK E-JUICE: VNUMX ml vials overboosted

You've already wondered why e-liquid were essentially in vials of 10 ml? Would you like to use larger bottles? In addition to DIY, which remains a customizable solution, some brands offer another solution: 50 ml bottles overboosted. This is called the Mix and Vape.


Let's start with the why and how. It is not possible to sell vials of more than 10 ml of nicotine liquid. This was established by French law to regulate the sale of nicotine, a substance considered dangerous and above all, very addictive.

Manufacturers have had to adapt to this situation: finished bottles of 20 or 30 ml. The only exception to this rule is e-liquids with 0 mg nicotine. Normal, since they have no trace of nicotine.

This law has therefore set a limit to the consumption of e-liquid: it is impossible for vapers to bring large bottles to vapot e-liquid nicotine. They must therefore buy several vials of 10 ml.

Result : more expensive e-liquids that pollute more.


The brands reacted to this situation by proposing their solution: overboosted vials. What is that ? These are large bottles containing - most often - 50 ml of e-liquid, always at 0 mg of nicotine.

These vials are designed to be mixed with so-called "nicotine boosters". These are vials of 10 ml that contain a neutral base coupled to 20mg / ml of nicotine. Thus, by mixing the two elements, one obtains a nicotine e-liquid with 3 or 6 mg / ml.

Specifically, for a bottle of 50 ml :

  • By pouring a nicotine booster, 60 ml of nicotine e-liquid is obtained at 3 mg / ml approximately.
  • By pouring two boosters of nicotine, one obtains 70 ml of nicotine e-liquid with 6 mg / ml approximately.
  • It is not recommended to give more than two boosters of nicotine. The taste of the aroma would be slightly less strong.

Adding nicotine boosters - tasteless - will logically alter the taste of the original e-liquid. This is why manufacturers have overboosted the aromas of their e-liquids. Thus, when one or two boosters are poured into the 50 ml bottle, the taste is balanced to find the original flavor.

With this solution, you can finally vape in vials of more than 10 ml.

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