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TALK E-JUICE: Moonshiners, from American origins to 100% French gourmet offerings

TALK E-JUICE: Moonshiners, from American origins to 100% French gourmet offerings

Today in " Let's talk E-juice ! " we are going to " Moonshiners «  , a brand that presents itself to us through a recent press release. From American origins to the 100% French gourmet offer, let's learn more about this range of extraordinary e-liquids.


It was in the 1920s that Moonshiners Liquids finds its origins during the Prohibition period in the United States.

At that time, the sale and consumption of alcohol were strictly prohibited by the authorities. Networks of smugglers then develop, making alcohol in the back of their garden, by moonlight. These are the traditions that will give this smuggled alcohol its name: the Moonshine.

Inspired by this rich and rebellious history at heart, Lips and PIPELINE France have teamed up to offer vapers the best flavors of Prohibition combining tradition and innovation.

Designed and made in France, within the Lips France laboratory, near Nantes, e-liquids Moonshiners Liquids benefit from the best of French know-how but also from the best aromas and raw materials. This is how the first two Moonshiners Liquids cuvées were born, the Old nuts and Big Apple, inspired by the aromas of traditional Moonshine.

In line with these first two gourmet cuvées, Moonshiners Liquids has decided to extend its offer to delicatessen products that resemble it: generous and 100% French. You have therefore been able to discover the Old Nuts spread, inspired by the best-selling e-liquid of the Moonshiners brand and still entirely made in France.

Composed of 20% hazelnut and palm oil free, this Old Nuts flavored spread is the promise of a gourmet alternative to all your old industrial spreads. Between moments of pleasure, tradition and technology, the brand Moonshiners Liquids is part of a universe that is both rebellious and modern.

About the Lips France Laboratory

Laboratoire Lips France manufactures, develops and manufactures top-of-the-line solutions for the electronic cigarette and hygiene markets. It is in particular the producer of recognized e-liquid brands such as Le French Liquide, KoddoPod or Moonshiners Liquids.

Entirely designed in France, near Nantes, the creations of Laboratoire Lips comply with the regulations in force as well as strict and demanding health protocols. Opting for Laboratoire Lips means choosing quality French production, guaranteed by certifications and expertise.


PIPELINE is a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids of German origin. Both manufacturer and distributor, the brand is developing in France and in Europe through its network of physical stores, its partner distributors and its online sites. The PIPELINE range of electronic cigarettes and FUEL e-liquids meet a need for reliable and high quality products. PIPELINE and FUEL products are offered exclusively by PIPELINE in Europe. PIPELINE GmbH has chosen TRADE PAL in France to distribute its range to professionals and individuals.

To find out more about this new range, go to the official store .

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