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LET'S TALK E-JUICE: Vape 47, the main thing in Hell is to survive!

LET'S TALK E-JUICE: Vape 47, the main thing in Hell is to survive!

Today, we present you a new episode " Let's talk about E-Juice Which takes the risk of facing the bowels of a merciless "underground" world: Hell! For this, go to the manufacturer Vape 47 which declines its range " Hell "In 4 colored e-liquids but still" dangerous "for the palate. Will you be up to the challenge?


 » Welcome to hell! “, This is the motto that we could include on the new range of e-liquids from the French manufacturer Vape 47. For the record, VAPE47 develops, produces and distributes e-liquids for the most demanding vapers. Known for many brands including Thenancara and Furiosa, their products are made in France in accordance with best market practices.

For this new challenge, Vape 47 attacked the cool or rather a hell of freshness! But what the hell is it really? TheHell, Latin Infernus ("Who is below"), is, according to many religions, a state of extreme suffering of the human body or mind after separation from the body, pain experienced after death by those who have committed crimes and sins in their earthly life. Quite a challenge for the new range of our little French kids, isn't it?

The first e-liquid of this “Hell” range clearly made the buzz with a hashtag #Vapeenenfer asking vapers to share their reactions by vaping Hell on Facebook or Instagram,


HELL - Classic : The original Hell recipe, the "freshest" e-liquid in the world according to Vape 47 (50 ml / 10 ml Concentrate - 30% PG / 70% VG)
HELL - Pink : Hell freshness twisted by blackcurrant and grapefruit (50 ml - 50% PG / 50% VG)
HELL - Yellow : Hell freshness with lemon and other citrus fruits (50 ml - 50% PG / 50% VG)
HELL - Red : Hell freshness spiced up with a combo strawberry raspberry grenadine (50 ml - 50% PG / 50% VG)

These new e-liquids are offered at a price of around € 22,90. To find out more about this new range, go to official website of VAPE 47 or on the dedicated page to the “Hell” range.

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