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LET'S TALK E-JUICE: Discovering Bobble, a little revolution for the French vape!

LET'S TALK E-JUICE: Discovering Bobble, a little revolution for the French vape!

Since the month of March 2019, Bobble, a new French brand is launching its revolution on the market and gaining ground on its competitors at high speed. A fresh, surprising and clever concept, Bobble has everything to please businesses but especially vapers. Why is this brand that seems to come out of nowhere a real revolution for the French vape? What are the reasons for this enthusiasm? To find out more, the editorial staff of takes you to discover Bobble, an e-liquid manufacturer like no other!


Like its main competitors (Remix Juice…) Bobble offers an e-liquid distribution service comparable to the famous DIY (Do It Yourself). This surprising new concept is making its mark at high speed with premium quality French juices with powerful flavors. Many shops have already been enchanted by this ingenious “bar” system which nonetheless offers 30 mono-aroma flavors. And the operation is simple:

Commercial Bobble - Credit : Second Souffle - Châteaurenard & St Rémy de Pce (Facebook)

 » The shop that owns the Bobble bar invites the vapoteur (euse) to fill his / her reusable bottle using a dispenser provided free of charge by Bobble. It is indeed a bottle of mono-aroma e-liquid with a capacity of 70 ml, the vapoteur (euse) can fill it at his convenience in 60 or 70 ml with the desired dose of nicotine. Like a bartender, he / she will be able to add one or more boosters to our liquid (0, 3, 6, or 9mg / ml), in comfort thanks to the new technology nipple that can be unscrewed from our OSCAR vial. »

But what's new under the sun? Because the concept already existed before the arrival of Bobble! Well yes and no because in reality Bobble is much more than that! Secure, ecological, economical, practical and offered by vaping lovers who do not necessarily have the commercial fiber, Bobble e-liquids bring together and echo this image of the vape as we want to see it.

  • This new brand is "Made in France" and opts for reliable ingredients and high quality to be worthy of this label. All e-liquids are manufactured in a CEFOP laboratory and have been carefully analyzed.
  • Bobble is committed to being accessible to all. The price list is simple, transparent and fair. The price offered per 1 liter bottle is a perfect balance between an affordable price for the consumer and an economic interest for the store.
  • The brand does not remain indifferent to ecological issues. She decided to choose a responsible vape by reducing the environmental impact on the planet by offering customers OSCAR bottles of 60 or 70 ml refillable. 
  • Completely transparent, the Bobble brand offers all the safety sheets for each e-liquid in free access on its site and specifies that all the e-liquids have been carefully analyzed.
  • Simple and good, Bobble is committed to first-time vapers and also to others by offering a bar where mono-aroma flavors are poured into 40 ml pods. No bulky installations, no imposed complex products, the Bobble mono-aroma range is an innovative dedication to first-time vapers who until now had to be content with 10 ml bottles at uncomfortable prices.


The Bobble installation - Credit : Smoke King St Gilles Cross Of Life (Facebook)

Tobacco, fruit, vanilla cream or even small candy, Bobble innovates with simplicity by offering 30 different mono-aroma e-liquids. Arranged on customizable displays that can be adapted to the available space, the one-liter bottles are equipped with a measuring device, thus enabling shops to reduce the storage of 10 ml vials.

The list of Bobble flavors (available in 1L format) : Vanilla Ice Cream, Vanilla Custard, Passion Fruit, Apple Paradise, Apricot, Orange, Exotica, Bonbonella, Double Apple, Pampelmo, Strawberry, Red Berries, Forest Fruits, Blackberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Fresh Mint, Antartick, Hazelnut, US Classic, Classic RY4, Classic Californian, Classic French, Classic Cubano, Liquorice. (More information ).


INTERVIEW WITH ELENA, BOBBLE MARKETING DIRECTOR Can you give us the Bobble principle? Since when are you on the market ?

Elena (Bobble) : Our principle is the following: With 1L containers sold in bulk, we limit the waste, the costs and so we prioritize the ecology, the economy, not to mention the quality, safety and innovation.
We put 6 months to develop the concept, and it was the 01 March 2019 that we started to market our products.

Bobble seems to dominate in specialty shops, what do you think is the reason for this craze and success? ?

The reason for our success is that we know the market and the constraints that shops encounter. We have thought of all the options to make life easier in stores: our flavors are rich and balanced, the quality / price ratio is unbeatable, our facilities are offered and adapted to all types of shops according to the free space they contain. have. And then, I think the concept pleases thanks to its innovative and ecological side.

It seems to us that your salespeople are above all enthusiasts of ambitious vape, does this count in the approach to shops? ?

Bobble installation - Credit : Ordilys / Vapolys (Facebook)

Of course, that counts! We have purposely hired enthusiasts for the vape. Our sales people are not only sellers but also the friends of our customers, they speak the same language with them and share the same interests.

Quality "Made In France", attractive prices, interesting margins and even a "satisfied or refunded" policy, can we say that Bobble is the ideal product for both shops and vapers ?

It's exactly that ! We have calculated our manufacturing prices as accurately as possible so that traders and end consumers find themselves there. We believe that if we want to support the fight to stop smoking, the electronic cigarette must become accessible to everyone.

Can you tell us more about your ambitions in the future? Do you plan to offer your products to tobacconists for example ?

Bobble works exclusively with vape shops. You will not find our products at tobacconists or wholesalers. In the future, we will of course expand our range of mono-aromas, but also release complex juices in 500ml format. Other than that, a launch is being prepared: our range will be released in 10ml format in mid-July. And then, of course, we will develop real partnerships with the stores that trust us. Our main ambition is to become a leader in mono-aromas and a key player in the vape. In fact, I take this opportunity to invite you to visit our G9 booth at VapExpo de Villepintes in October.

You are not only proposing e-liquids, can you tell us about your little revolution, the "Bobble Magnet"? ?

Everything great is simple! Always in order to innovate, we invented the Bobble Magnet to simplify the life of stores when they have liquids tested. Besides, I think our magnet will come in handy at trade shows when every minute is worth gold. I can't tell you everything, but other innovations are coming soon ...

To learn more about the Bobble concept, go to official website of the brand , on the official Facebook page or call Thanks to Bobble and Elena for agreeing to answer our questions.



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