Hardware Review - Amstaff d'Animodz

Hardware Review - Amstaff d'Animodz

"Amstaff or American Staffordshire Terrier, is and must remain essentially a pet dog. The selection undertaken on his character limited his aggressiveness and allowed to obtain a very soft dog. It is only if one stimulates the aggressiveness of this dog (for example with cruel methods) that this one can reappear clearly. Because of his past as a fighter, he can be a fighter with other dogs, but it is easy to socialize when he is young. "

An entire program…

Preamble :

By the nature of our community, its involvement in the fight against clones and therefore the proximity more or less important with artisans, modellers and the Collectif des Modeurs French in particular, I decided not to contact the moderator of Amstaff to make this review. I know him, I know his entourage, and in order to preserve the semblance of objectivity that I have left, I preferred to dispense with the possible details that it could have brought me. I apologize in advance for technical omissions or inaccuracies caused by this choice. For this review I have a stainless steel Amstaff SS that belongs to me.

The context of this mod :

workshop animodz-2 The Amstaff is a mod 18350 and 22mm with spring switch from Animodz, French moder and active member of CMF. For more than two years Animodz has been producing mods, atos and drip tip in the south of France and is in constant development. It is mainly composed by 2 people, Aniki and Fonky Takinni, the first being "the artist", the second his double and his best support. Amstaff is neither his first nor his last mod in date but remains, in my eyes his best success, and surely, the best known. The recent release of the Dogfather will make me lie I hope for them ...

workshop animodz-1You will have understood by the name of the company, by the names of the mods or by the visuals, Animodz constructs mods on the subject of the dog, in particular thanks to evocative switches. Initially, Aniki built his mods in his studio, recently, to cope with the growing demand, certainly in order to grow and improve the quality of its production, it uses part of the company Vape Prod which is managed by French but whose workshops are located in Taiwan. Subject to controversy, it is good to specify that Animodz controls the quality of production and that Vape Prod has nothing to prove when one is interested or that one knows their FL mod.

Highly requested, Animodz mods are available in physical store and on its site. The moderator works, like many of his colleagues, in more or less regular batches. Their website is a treat and we can note an excellent marketing trend and a quality of visual communication quite rare in France to be highlighted.

The mod technique :

  • The top cap

IMAG0029IMAG0033IMAG0034The top cap is made of brass and consists of four distinct pieces, the body, an insulator between the positive and the negative, the pin and a notched nut. The body is massive and the souper installs immediately the quality of the parts to assemble. The pin is threaded and allows to adjust in height in the top cap the connection with any atomizer. A nut, which I would call "punk", because of its pins (whose utility escapes me ...) is screwed on the pin to allow to also adjust the connection with any battery giving an effect telescopic. I regret that the pin has only one notch for screwdrivers, one on each side would have been more convenient for settings.

  • the tube

IMAG0030You will have noticed in the photo presentation of the article that the tubes (and the rest ...) are available in multiple finishes and colors. Without quoting them all, let's note the famous Brass'tard full brass or the entry-level with food grade aluminum tube only 89 €. The tube I have is an 18350 (basic size Amstaff) and stainless steel, and if I believe the recent collaboration with Vape Prod, it is stainless 316L. Like the top cap, the massive sensation of the tube poses the quality of the material you have in your hands! 18500 aluminum tubes are sometimes available on the website of the moderator and one can regret the absence of 18650 tube, or even the absence of an 18350 / 500 / 650 offer, which would make this mod much more attractive. more vapers. Personally big fan of sobriety and small mod, I particularly appreciate the absence of engraving on the tube apart from the 5 discrete lines of the bottom as well as its reduced size 18350, 66mm. We are far from the 49nine 4mm but we have a mod much more adjustable and secure ...

  • The switch

IMAG0028 IMAG0031 IMAG0032Just like the top cap and the tube, again the lower part of this mod leaves a massive and solid impression. This switch is composed of 4 parts. The body and the locking ring are made of brass, the switch button with its beautiful engraving dog's paw is aluminum (be careful with its fragility when disassembling), the spring (yes spring switch) seems to be plated silver but I do not can not confirm it. The contact screw is also made of solid brass. The switch race is relatively short without being too hard, too hard or too soft, and never misses a shot. You can not miss the degassing hole built into the body of the switch and that puts you safe in the locked or unlocked position.

  • The threads of the set

Whether it is the pin or the contact screw, the threads of the tube or the bodies of the top cap and the switch, there is no complaint to make. No blocking, no disturbing noise, no difficulty to screw or unscrew the whole. Just, maybe, a slight concern isolated on mine. By screwing and unscrewing the locking ring, the contact screw has a tendency to unscrew itself and bring out the button of the switch, to remedy this it is enough to think of tightening it correctly with each change of battery.

Feeling and feeling of the mod :

It must be clear it is a fantastic mod and you will find few users to contradict me. Of course he is not perfect, we can blame him for missing options on the tubes, find him a microdefect here and there, but which is perfect? With this mod the criticism can be aesthetic but not very technical. His name, Amstaff is promising ... But do not expect a mod that sends heavy! We are not with a Filipino mod ... In the category American Staffordshire Terrier is the puppy, he is small, stocky, strong but especially cute.

When you have this mod in your hands, the first sensation is quality! Its weight, materials, the whole mod inspires good manufacturing. Once opened and adjusted, you can see how easy it is to use. Setting the pin / ato relationship, adjusting the pin / accu relationship and that's it. As a result, confidence is established. A mod that combines quality, simplicity and confidence, it's not every day ...

Technical summary :

  • Mod 3,7V, works with 18350 battery (IMR or IC recommended)
  • Diameter 22mm
  • Lockable Switch
  • Top cap, bottom cap, and brass switch, stainless steel body
  • 510 connector cut into the mass
  • Center pin of the adjustable connector
  • Internal milling for degassing via the switch in locked or unlocked position

Good luck to all!

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