Top banner explains: “How to stop electronic cigarettes? " explains: “How to stop electronic cigarettes? "

According to the site "", the time has come to stop the e-cig! The fight against tobacco being insufficient a priori, some thought it was perhaps time to explain to vapers how to get out of their "dangerous" addiction!

“We stopped smoking thanks to her, but now it's time to also let go of the vaping device and find total freedom. "

This is the beginning of the article published on November 01 on The “total freedom” of the vapoteur would be to let go of his e-cig? It makes you wonder if we would not like to make us plunge a little faster into the magnificent world of tobacco with all the happiness that this generates. We could say that after all this article is not useless because for 90% of vapers, it is a means of transition to stop smoking but even if as Professor Dautzenberg says " The precautionary principle invites you not to use the electronic cigarette beyond 6 to 12 months, after you sail on sight “, We have no certainty neither on a potential harmfulness after 12 months, nor on a certainty of the total weaning of the vapoteur.


“To avoid the risk of resuming smoking as soon as research highlights the potential dangers of e-cigs, it is better to stop everything. "

The article goes further, by encouraging us to stop vaping as soon as possible so as not to resume the killer later and also that we should be wary because following articles on domestic incidents, the tobacco industry will probably counterattack.

After having tried a little everything and nothing to attack the e-cigarette, we are now trying to dissuade the vapoteur by the fear of the tobacco giants and the fear of the ban on vaping in France. Perhaps still a side effect of the Halloween party, we will in any case no longer be surprised by certain comments that are very probably relayed by people who do not vapot or even do not smoke. Because the only people who are able to make an observation on the benefits of the e-cig, it is the vapers themselves who still in this period of cold which arrives will not fear the chronic bronchitis that they once had because of the killer !

" Need help ? The first e-cigarette consultation, because in addition to quitting smoking makes you happy ”

Vaping is not smoking, and unfortunately, we realize that in French society the nuance is not yet well understood. And even if Professor Dautzenberg does a little advertising in passing to talk about his consultations, it would be good to recall that there are people who find real pleasure in vaping in 0mg of nicotine and that these people as long as they vape are protected in a way from a return to tobacco! We cannot yet recommend people to stop vaping as we recommend stopping smoking because the addiction is not the same. The vapoteur himself over time will reduce his nicotine consumption until he reaches a point where he will continue to vape for his pleasure without nicotine or he will stop.
Contrary to this, the smoker will consume more and more “killers” because the poisons contained in tobacco make them even more addicting years after years.

This article from could have been useful to people who wish to stop the killer, but unfortunately the e-cigarette is considered equal with tobacco, which gives a negative view to vapers. In addition, there is a lot of crazy information to "help" us reduce nicotine:

« For some, it will take very gradually. For example, decrease 0,1 mg. And to stop totally « You put your e-cigarette in the closet for a while. If we miss the lack, it is easy to get a little patch (low dosages) with the advice of his pharmacist »After stopping  “And if, despite everything, we enter a tobacco store, we will buy a disposable e-cigarette rather than a classic packet. "

In short, to wonder if the article has not had a sponsorship by pharmacies and Professor Dautzenberg because to offer a vaper to patch himself to replace his e-cig, you have to look far….

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