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MINUTE RELAXATION: Love and Monsters, a bet, a successful entertainment!

MINUTE RELAXATION: Love and Monsters, a bet, a successful entertainment!

New day and new cinema critic! If like me you find that the content of the Netflix platform often leaves something to be desired, then you may be surprised by " Love and monsters" , a movie realized by Michael Matthews which doesn't really leave time for boredom.


If you like fantasy adventure films like " Welcome to Zombieland "Or" Pacific Rim", There is a good chance that the production carried out by Michael Matthews either for you! Indeed " Love and monsters", It's not just a movie of monsters as we can see by a hundred, it's a moment of pure relaxation where we find the necessary ingredients for a good production of the genre: action, a romance , humor and above all an offbeat and stripping side that makes the difference! Obviously, there will always be critics to denounce a film "nice" or too "girly" but in the end from its trailer "Love & Monsters" announces its position: a film for all audiences that smells good on Sunday afternoon under a plaid.



Director : Michael Matthews


A young man named Joel Dawson is hiding underground seven years after his house was invaded by dangerous monsters. There, he uses a radio to try to contact his high school sweetheart, Aimee. When he finds out where she is, he sets out to find her. In his struggle against the creaturestures, he receives the support of an experienced monster hunter and especially a dog who will become his faithful traveling companion.


Before going into details, I would first like to point out that the launch of this film was done by chance with a little apprehension, in fact over time I have come to ask myself automatically " Will this "Netflix" movie disappoint me again?". At the start, no surprise, we end up with an impossible romance and an atmosphere of a film for teenagers that we often find on this streaming platform. Yet quite quickly, we realize that the job has been well done. The scenario without being exceptional is up to it since it offers in addition to a romance, a real reason for the hero "Joel Dawson" to go on an impossible journey to find the love of his life. Suddenly, without being in the genius, the scenario offers a simple and effective red thread that will take us to the end of the adventure without having come to ask too many questions. And this is indeed the problem that we find with a lot of production today, this inability to offer a scenario that is certainly simple but effective, only present to coat real entertainment.

Casting side, we face rather serious actors who take their roles to heart. Without being in the “actor of the year” category, we can say that they are good and that the choice is clearly consistent for this type of entertainment. In addition, we find in the main role, Dylan O'Brien, former actor of the series " T »Whose role and performance clearly remind us of Jesse Eisenberg in " Welcome to Zombieland". The tandem Ariana Greenblatt et Michael Rooker will not be without reminding us of the father / daughter team of Kick Ass (Nicolas Cage / Chloë Grace Moretz)… In short, as much to say that the recipe works suddenly no risk in this direction. But of course, what would this film be without the brilliant performance of " Boy“, The dog taken in by the hero who will follow him throughout the adventure. For my part, the presence of a four-legged companion in this kind of film is necessarily a game-changer. We are also more worried about the dog than for the other characters… It's crazy, isn't it? In short, on the casting side, there is no doubt that it has been designed to reach all age categories and all sensibilities (or almost).

Regarding the atmosphere, we find a surprising, funny, touching or even captivating film with a good dose of action and monsters of all kinds. If this production is rather calm on the side "violence" and "blood visibility", we still find quite energetic and realistic moments that will delight spectators in search of adrenaline. However, with "Love and Monsters" we stay on a rather particular category of film where the monsters can be imposing and aggressive without scaring the spectators. Side special effects, you will have what you need because the budget is indeed there! The "monsters", real insects or giant amphibians are perfectly modeled and certain scenes while remaining "soft" impose a certain anguish and a little suspense.

Without necessarily being in total criticism or in the attention to detail, you will find with " Love and monsters »A real moment of relaxation with the family. The recipe for "Welcome to Zombieland" or the famous "Shawn of the dead" still works and this film is proof in itself. Sometimes you don't have to do too much to make a good movie and that's what you can take away from this production. A scenario that holds up, a little magic, an impossible romance, a faithful four-legged companion, a little girl who has become an accomplished warrior, imposing and dangerous monsters but not so monstrous… It is a film to be consumed without moderation and without a priori and you will necessarily come out delighted.


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