NEW ZEALAND: Country reportedly ready to reconsider e-cigarette legislation

NEW ZEALAND: Country reportedly ready to reconsider e-cigarette legislation

This is news that proves that there are advances in the world regarding e-cigarette legislation. While a ban on the sale is still in effect, New Zealand would indeed be ready to review its vaping law.


It has been years now since public health groups like Hāpai Te Hauora »Demands a change concerning the legal framework for electronic cigarettes. Today, New Zealand, which bans the sale of electronic cigarettes but allows importation, is therefore on the verge of reviewing its legislation.

You should know that at present a ban on the sale of these products exists even if nothing prohibits, for example, the use of e-cigarettes in non-smoking areas.

The changes to the texts envisaged by the New Zealand authorities provide for an authorization for the sale of vaping products as well as the possibility for sellers to display their electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in points of sale. In return, several restrictions would emerge including:

- The ban on vaping in offices 
- The ban on vaping in non-smoking areas.
- Ban on advertising of vaping products 
- Prohibition of sale to people under 18

«Current legislation in New Zealand is not ideal and has created a messy situationSaid the professor Hayden McRobbiedirector Dragon Institute for Innovation clinic and Professor of Public Health at Queen Mary University, London.

« Most people agree that there should be an age limit for using these products as well as restrictions on advertising. " According to him " There is also a broad consensus that e-cigarettes could positively impact New Zealand's 2025 “smoke-free” target. It could improve public health by providing a way to quit smoking, without opening doors for smokers and non-smokers. »

In this country which aims to have no more smokers by 2025, half of those who use an electronic cigarette do so in order to quit smoking and nearly 46% of those who use it consider it less. harmful. 

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