NEW ZEALAND: The government is preparing to encourage the vape to end tobacco!

NEW ZEALAND: The government is preparing to encourage the vape to end tobacco!

This is a country where things are changing fast and in a good way! If there are still a few years nicotine vape was not allowed, today the New Zealand government is preparing to encourage the use of the e-cigarette to end tobacco.


This is information reported by our colleagues from . According to the platform, although the vape is increasingly banned in public places, the Ministry of Health will soon promote electronic cigarettes as a real alternative to smoking.
A campaign to encourage smokers, especially young Maori women, to make the transition to the vape will be launched in August and a website specific to New Zealand, offering information and advice on vaping, will be posted online during the current month.

« I had a very serious sinus infection every three months and it completely disappeared.«

Although the campaign advocates the abandonment of smoking as smoking cessation, it will also aim to prevent non-smokers, particularly those under the age of 18, from using e-cigarettes. This communication campaign marks a change in the position of the Ministry of Health, which has been cautious in its attitude towards vaping as a risk-reduction tool for those who want to end tobacco.

Currently, their website indicates that " does not have enough evidence to confidently recommend vaping products as a smoking cessation tool And that people who choose to vapote should also stop doing so.

Despite this, a spokesman recently said that the vape " is intended to be a safe gateway for smokers wishing to move on". Maori women were particularly targeted because of their high smoking rate: 32,5%, compared to 13,8% for the total population.

« There is a scientific consensus that vaping is significantly less harmful than tobacco. It is likely that vaping can also be used to stop smoking and evidence continues to appear. A number of important studies are underway and more information will be available in the coming year »


The "smoke-free" goal the government has set for 2025 is hard to reach. " Although the program has had a positive impact on tobacco reduction for most New Zealanders, the impact on Maori, Pacific and low socio-economic groups has not been as significant. "

Ben Youden, the spokesperson of Ash (Action for Smokefree 2025) stated that there was still a lot of confusion about vaping and that many people thought Still, it was as dangerous as smoking. He states: " The scientific consensus is that the vape is 95% less harmful than smoking '.

Although initial capital expenditures may vary between 50 and 100 dollars, the financial benefits quickly offset start-up costs. " Over a year, the vaping will cost about 10% of what the person could have spent on cigarettes.". Mr. Youden therefore welcomes the position taken by the Government.

Many people also testify to the benefits that the vape can bring. Dan Foster, a man from Wellington, started vaping ten years ago and said that replacing cigarettes was not only cheaper, but had also solved some health problems.

« I had a very serious sinus infection every three months and it completely disappeared. »

While his daily pack of cigarettes cost him about 17 dollars, he now spends a weekly maximum of 35 dollars in e-liquids.

« It's probably not safe at 100%. To inhale anything is not good. But it's definitely better. People have vices so give them a way to smoke safely. »

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