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Open or closed system? Learn more about e-cigarettes with Vype!

Open or closed system? Learn more about e-cigarettes with Vype!

Open system, closed system, it is not always easy to navigate the vast world of vaping. Vype, the number 1 brand in volume market share in the closed systems segment on the tobacconist network will allow you to see more clearly through an exceptional podcast.


As a true leader in electronic cigarettes, the brand Vype offers in the 3rd edition of his podcast » The Future of Vap '  »To differentiate two very different vaping formats: the open system and the closed system. Constraints? Advantages ? Convenience? With some information, it is finally quite easy to understand the difference between electronic cigarettes with closed system and those at open system.

First of all, it should be understood that the main difference between open system and closed system electronic cigarettes is the way the e-liquid is offered.

What is an open system electronic cigarette ?

Open system electronic cigarettes use a reservoir that is manually filled with vials of e-liquid. In other words, the consumer must fill the tank himself, and replenish it each time, which can be less practical and more restrictive.

What is a closed system electronic cigarette ?

The closed system, also called “POD”, is for its part a simpler system for daily use thanks to its pre-filled e-liquid capsules which fit onto the battery. The handling is very intuitive, and the placement of a capsule is quick and easy. These are generally compact kits, ideal for adult consumers looking for a discreet electronic cigarette. 


To Vype, the closed system is a real advantage for the consumer. The brand also offers two different kits using this system which combines reliability, practicality et simplicity :

  • EPen 3 which is an electronic cigarette with a clean design, which provides a fairly dense vapor. It needs to be activated via a start button. This is generally sold at an affordable price and works with a 650 mAh battery and a cotton wick.
  • The ePod has a rather elegant and discreet design compared to the ePen 3. No need to light the e-cigarette via an activation button, it is a pull activation. It is more compact, can be used without a button and works with a ceramic block on which the resistance is directly 3D printed.

As stated in the podcast, electronic cigarettes Vype are not products on which the brand simply affixes its name. Every detail of their products is developed to exactly match quality and safety criteria. Depending on the results obtained during the tests, the products Vype are perfected prior to market launch.

For the year 2021, Vype is still committed to transparency, quality and sustainable development. It is alongside consumers that the brand aims to maintain this status of number 1 in France *.

To know more, find it audio podcast with Axel, representative of the Vype brand in France which offers an unprecedented presentation of the two electronic cigarettes: ePod and ePen 3 from a high-tech angle

* Revealed by the Kantar Studies Institute among 3000 adults, from 4st quarter 2019 to 1er 2020 quarter

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