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Our commitments for the vape is not just an information site on e-cigarettes, we are also activists and we frequently engage in projects that are close to our hearts. Here is the list of projects in which we have participated.

- Support for Fivape / Aiduce / Vape of the heart by the integration of banner on the site
- Donation of 380 Euros to the association "La vape du coeur"
- Financial participation in the project "1000 Messages for the vaping"
- Writing of a preface for the book "1000 Messages for the vape"
- Financial contribution to the "Dipron" project
- Participation in Vapevent 2016. Animation of the conference "Specialized stores in the face of first-time buyers and products with reduced harmfulness"
- Support for the documentary film “A Billion Lives” by Aaron Biebert.
- Support for the documentary film “Vape Wave” by Jan Kounen.
- Creation of the project “Le Saviez-Vous? - Vape "
- Participation in Vapevent 2016 (September).
- Participation in the organization of the “ Awards 2016”
- Presence at Vapexpo 2016 (Paris)
- Presence at Vapexpo 2017 (Lyon)
- Participation in the interview "Le clic Anti-cope" available here.
- Participation in the "Euromonitor International" study concerning vaping products in Belgium (February 2017)
- Participation to the survey on e-cigarette shops in France conducted by Ecigintelligence (April / May 2017)
- Response to questions from a journalist from the Swiss daily "Le Matin"
- Presence at Vapexpo 2017 (Paris)
- Participation to the survey on the use of e-cigarettes in France (October / November 2017)
- Official partner of the Open Forum “Vape In Progress” 2018 at INSEEC in Bordeaux.