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PR DAUTZENBERG: "Ten years after the end of smoking, I wish the end of the vape! "

PR DAUTZENBERG: "Ten years after the end of smoking, I wish the end of the vape! "

A few days ago, the professor Bertrand Dautzenberg was the guest of the show " The words of the Info "To France Info with François Bourdillon, the director general of Public Health France. The opportunity to come back to the latest edition of " Month without tobacco And on a well-known phenomenon: The vape!


France Info : One million fewer smokers between 2016 and 2017 ... but there are still 12 million smokers left. Can we imagine a generation without tobacco? ?

François Bourdillon : "There was 250 000 registered on the" No Tobacco Month "website, 100 000 more than 2017. This is an encouraging sign.

Bertrand Dautzenberg : "And that's a small part of reality. Many have mobilized by registering on the application "Tobacco Info Service" or using substitutes ... We see the collapse of 10% of the number of cigarettes sold each month in France since March. "

France Info : Is this the effect of public policy for several years ?

François Bourdillon : "Yes, it is the effect of a consistent policy and a package of measures ranging from the neutral package to the reimbursement of substitutes to the increase in the price of tobacco and the great social marketing operation" Month without Tobacco ". We took the tobacco by the horns. "Everyone smokes but less and less young people. And when you have a million fewer smokers, you have those who stopped and those who did not get into smoking. "

« That said, ten years after the end of the tobacco, I wish the end of the vape - Bertrand Dautzenberg

France Info : Among the symbolic measures, the neutral package ?

François Bourdillon : "Yes, it worked in the sense that it diminished the attractiveness of young people"

France Info : … and the increase in the price of tobacco ?

Bertrand Dautzenberg: "It is very efficient and the neutral package also (...) Since the sharp increase in March (of the order of 13 to 14%), we have a lower consumption than expected, of the order of 11%. And this under the conjunction of other measures (...) »

France Info : What does it mean, exactly, "generation without tobacco »?

Bertrand Dautzenberg : "Fewer than 5% of daily smokers in one segment of the population.

"Me, I work mainly on Paris (note: as president of" Paris without Tobacco "). The drop is colossal among young people and should be done before 2030. It is the young born in 2012 who will be non-smokers. "In Ile-de-France, people smoke less than in border regions that do not" benefit "from the price increase because neighboring countries are cheaper. Or in Corsica where taxes are minus 21% compared to the continent: the number of cancer is higher than 20%. "

France Info: We did not talk about tobacco taxation during the movement of "Yellow Vests" against taxation. Is this a sign that everyone accepts it?

François Bourdillon : "This is a big win for this behavioral tax. Especially since it is recycled to promote health.

France Info : And the e-cigarette ?

François Bourdillon : "This is the most used way to stop smoking. It's important to know. Today, there would be between 2,5 and 3% of e-cigarette users. It's a good way to reduce the risk.

"Afterwards, it can be risky and you have to follow the behavior of the French to make sure it is not diverted, and that it is not an object that serves manufacturers to promote cigarettes."

France Info : Generation without tobacco but with an e-cigarette ?

Bertrand Dautzenberg "I pretty much defend the electronic cigarette as a way out of tobacco. Moreover, there are only 1% of users who are non-smokers. "That said, ten years after the end of the tobacco, I wish the end of the vape.

source : France Info / The Tobacco World

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