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Quality, responsibility and innovation, why is Vype number 1 in France today?

Quality, responsibility and innovation, why is Vype number 1 in France today?

A leading position in the vaping market in France does not come about by chance! If today, Vype is number 1 in France *, it is largely for its listening and understanding of consumers. Quality, responsibility and innovation, these are the key words of a brand that stands out from others by its ambitions for the future of vaping.


Why is Vype now number 1 in vaping in France ? What is Vype's philosophy in terms of innovation ? What are the big news for Vype in 2021 ? So many questions that find their answers in the brand's unwavering commitment!

A true pioneer in the science of vaping, Vype first put forward quality and reliability of these products. For Marina Trani , global manager for new categories (R&D), Vype products are reassuring and reassuring: " We rigorously test every new e-liquid and vaping device we develop. It is only when we are fully satisfied with it that we put it on the market. '.

Yet that does not explain everything! To justify this success, Vype focus on two essential points: listening and understanding of the. Indeed, the brand is very attentive to consumer habits and especially to feedback which are real key elements for the future progression of Vype. A real research and development (R&D) work based on the experience of consumers, it is in a way the secret of success at Vype !


Consumers fully agree with the values ​​advocated: Innovation, the requirement, attention to detail et the quality.

How Vype measures adult consumer satisfaction ?

If this is mainly measured by the returns and opinions received, it is the number of sales in France that makes the difference. A survey conducted by the Kantar institute from the 1st quarter of 2019 to the 1st quarter of 2020 with more than 3000 adults in France appointed Vype as the number 1 in closed vaping systemse.

What is the brand's philosophy on innovation ?

In order to meet the needs, Vype frequently enriches its range and offers services that meet expectations. This ranges from the proposal of capsules with lower nicotine content to the establishment of collection points and recycling of used products.

For the year 2021, Vype is still committed to transparency, quality and sustainable development. It is alongside consumers that the brand aims to maintain this number 1 status in France.

To find out more, find a audio podcast with Allison Beolet et Raissa Ghosn who decipher the DNA of the Vype brand and its values, to better understand how it has become so popular with consumers.

* Revealed by the Kantar Studies Institute among 3000 adults, from 4st quarter 2019 to 1er 2020 quarter
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