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Science, quality and consumers, Vype's philosophy in product development

Science, quality and consumers, Vype's philosophy in product development

Today we go with you to Vype, the number 1 in vaping in France in order to present to you a real philosophy which engages science, quality and respect for the consumer in the development of products dedicated to vaping.


A pioneer in the science of vaping, Vype stands out mainly for its quality, its 360 ° scientific vision and its rigor in testing products dedicated to vaping. Totally concerned with safety, Vype has a clear ambition: to provide accurate and relevant information that the consumer needs to answer any concerns, fears or questions about vaping.

That's why the brand's technical experts, scientists and engineers carefully craft their devices and e-liquids, spending thousands of hours testing them before they reach your hands. 

In numbers, Vype is :

    • 50 scientists (and also toxicologists and bio-scientists)
  • Over 1000 hours of testing by product before reaching the vapoteur
  • Over 100 tests products


Vype uses a wide range of analytical techniques, a specialized laboratory and dedicated expertise to develop, and then perform, detailed tests of these products in-house but also with accredited third-party laboratories. These tests relate to both aromas, formulated e-liquids, manufactured devices but also the packaging in which they are sold.

Scientific techniques that Vype uses :

  • The vaping topography machine (to measure vaping behavior)
  • The vaping simulator (helps establish the maximum number of puffs)
  • Chromatography machine (to identify the components in the collected vapor)
  • Steam analysis (to measure the size of vapor droplets)
  • The formulation room (cycle of testing and reformulation until satisfaction)

At the time of conception, Vype examines every detail to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards of vaping devices in the world. For reasons of quality control and safety, Vype favors closed system e-cigarettes which are accompanied by liquid capsules intended for use with these devices. Closed system e-cigarettes offer more reliability over the liquid that is vaporized and the way the liquid is heated compared to open systems.

To learn more about Vype's philosophy on science and respect for the consumer, Find an audio podcast with Bethany Mulliner, Scientific R&D expert at Vype who tells you all about the safety of the brand's products.

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