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RESULT: Survey on the use of e-cigarettes in France with Ecigintelligence.

RESULT: Survey on the use of e-cigarettes in France with Ecigintelligence.

A few months ago, the editorial staff of in collaboration with the site Ecigintelligence offered to answer a survey aimed at understanding the use of electronic cigarettes among French vapers. Today, we unveil the results of this one to you.


This survey, the aim of which was to understand the use of electronic cigarettes among French vapers, took place between the month of September and the month ofOctober 2017.

- It was organized by the platform Ecigintelligence in collaboration with the French-speaking news site
- No financial compensation was offered for participation in this survey.
- The results of the survey are based on the responses of a panel of 471 participants.
- The questionnaire used for the survey was hosted on the platform " Survey Monkey" page (in French).


A) Profile

Most of the people who responded to the survey are ex-smokers who have used cigarettes for at least two years. A large portion are men between the ages of 25 and 44 who smoked more than 20 rolled cigarettes and who today use open and sophisticated vaporization systems. More than half of participants report that the main reason they have switched to vaping is to quit smoking.

B) Distribution

Vape shops are very popular in France especially for the purchase of e-liquids. Contrary to this, the participants often prefer to order the material directly on the internet. French consumers are not ashamed to say that they are suspicious of the tobacco industry.

C) E-Liquid

A high percentage of respondents mix their e-liquids themselves. It is the 10ml bottles that are most often bought when it comes to “ready to vape” e-liquid. The most popular type of e-liquid in France is "Fruity" and the level of nicotine is generally "low".

D) Home

The French market seems to favor sophisticated equipment and it is “open” systems that are dominant. Participants often started with beginner material before moving on to advanced and "open" systems. Gender analysis reveals that women are less inclined to replace their vapers. Also, they are more interested in the ease of use and the appearance of the material than men.

E) Motivation

We found that positive feedback, curiosity, and seeing other people try are the three things that motivated participants to get into vaping.



Among the survey participants, 80% are between 25 and 44 years old and are experienced vapers: Most of them have been using electronic cigarettes for more than 2 years.


- 89% of the participants are ex-smokers, there are only 10% of participants who declared to be vapers and 1% who never smoked.

- Motivations to start vaping: For 33% of participants it is the positive feedback from relatives, for 26% it is curiosity, for 22% it is the fact of having seen people use a cigarette electronic.


Advanced vaping equipment is predominant among participants. 95% of them say they use advanced and "open" systems against 1% for cigalikes. Among those who use a second e-cigarette, 66% say they use it every day.

According to the analysis carried out, advanced vaporization systems are mainly used in 25-34 year olds (34%) and 35-42 year old (32%). The more basic material is used by participants aged 45-54 (18%) and 55-65 (18%)


- More than 60% of participants say they make their own e-liquids. 
- “Fruity” flavors are the most popular (31%). Behind, there are desserts and cakes (26%) and gourmets (17%).
- The most popular nicotine level is "low" (below 8mg / ml)


- Physical and online vape shops are the most popular distribution chains.

- Very few participants state that they buy their products in non-specialized shops which, moreover, have a rather bad image.

*The black dots of online shops 

- For 25% of participants, it is not practical to shop there.
- For 20%, human contact and advice are missing
- For 16%, the products are not always available.

* Blackheads of classic shops

- 60% of respondents will never buy products in these stores
- 26% say there is not enough choice
- 16% say that what desired products are not available.

* Black spots of specialty shops

- For 49% of participants, they are too expensive
- 34% say there is not enough choice
- 25% declare that they do not have one near their home.

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