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COMPANY: Lips France, a major player with an ISO 9001 standard in hand!

COMPANY: Lips France, a major player with an ISO 9001 standard in hand!

This is the good news of the week for the French vaping industry! The laboratory Lips France, a major and long-standing player in the vaping market, has just obtained the ISO 9001 standard issued by AFNOR. This is a great first for a French e-liquids manufacturer. 


Lips France, The brand creator laboratory French liquid, Salt E-Vapor, Supervape et Guys & Bull now holds the certification ensuring reliable processes in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and the quality of its productions. The ISO 9001 standard therefore reinforces Lips France's structural vision for the years to come and responds in every way to its desire for market standardization.

ISO 9001 is a standard that defines the requirements of an organization's quality management system. Its objective is the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, while providing optimal production / service processes that meet its requirements.

ISO 9001 certification attests :

  • Regular audits carried out by the certification body in order to assess the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Control of documents received from our customers and suppliers (storage, processing and traceability).
  • The availability of our teams to answer questions, problems encountered, etc.
  • Verification, validation, surveillance, control and specific testing operations on products and equipment, throughout the process.
  • Strict product validation and acceptance criteria ...
  • Regular control of quality measurement and monitoring devices.

We extend our congratulations to Lips France for obtaining this standard which once again shows the involvement and seriousness of the French vape industry. 

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