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COMPANY: Agora Vape, a social network 100% dedicated to electronic cigarettes!

COMPANY: Agora Vape, a social network 100% dedicated to electronic cigarettes!

Even as next-generation communication is developing at high speed in an ever-changing world, today we will briefly introduce to you " Agora Vape“, A new“ Facebook ”type social network totally dedicated to vaping and therefore to the world of electronic cigarettes.


A social network totally dedicated to vaping, this is nothing new! But the previous attempts have unfortunately resulted in bitter failures that do not really manage to unite. We can first of all speak of " Ohm Sweet Ohm“, A real Facebook of vaping from Switzerland. Despite hard work, many improvements and a really pleasant platform to use, the network did not succeed in a period when vaping was nevertheless a very present subject on the internet. We can also evoke " Meet Vapers »Which had the ambition to share events related to vaping (meetings, contests, trips, exchange of e-liquid, vapers) and to exchange around these. This platform, which resembles a targeted “dating” social network, has also failed to take off. In addition, the TPD (European Directive on tobacco) having passed through it, it is forbidden to promote, advertise or justify vaping for a site or media based in the European Union. Difficult in these conditions to take part in a serene approach.

Many are those who have had a real reflection on the subject, in our opinion, the observation is clear, today it is almost impossible to federate around a social network which would only deal with one subject (however vast and interesting it may be). -he). Today, Facebook and Twitter are themselves struggling with Instagram, Tik-tok or even Snapchat, there is therefore little room for new competitors even for such a fascinating subject as the electronic cigarette.


The social network " Agora Vape "Presents itself to us as" a gathering of passionate and volunteer vapers, who wish on the one hand to defend the vape in a period when its detractors are doing everything to ban it and on the other hand to ensure that the vapers can continue to express themselves freely, while more and more social networks limit their freedom of expression. " page (in French).

According to the instigators of the project, the goal is quite simple and clear: " We want to offer a social network allowing vapers to express themselves freely and discuss with each other about vaping, without fear of censorship. ". In its presentation, we find a charter inviting all the protagonists of French-speaking vaping:

 » Agora vape is aimed at all vapers without restriction, whether they are beginners, confirmed or experts, whether they are occasional or regular vapers. It is also aimed at all professionals in the sector: Shops, sales sites, equipment manufacturers, juice creators, coil builders, modders, craftsmen, etc. Agora vape also welcomes reviewers and media specializing in vaping. " page (in French).

For the moment, the new social network welcomes a little less 400 members mainly professionals from what we have observed. Fairly easy to use, Agora Vape offers quick registration and a clean interface. Initially, you will only have to enter classic data (nickname, last name, first name), your age (for verification) as well as your vape data (date of quitting smoking, your vape equipment, etc.). The second step will allow you to define who you are, from the simple vapoteur to the professional, including the reviewer or the specialized media (like us).

Once all these specifications have been made, you arrive on a global interface resembling a “Facebook” news feed. Each member of the network has a page and can post messages on his page (equivalent to a “Facebook” wall). There is also a "Forum" function, the possibility of writing "private messages" or even creating groups.

Now it's up to you to see if you want to try the adventure of a 100% vape social network! If the initiative tempts you or intrigues you, go to Agora Vape.

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