SOVAPE: Encourage smokers to take up the "No Smoking Month" challenge
SOVAPE: Encourage smokers to take up the "No Smoking Month" challenge

SOVAPE: Encourage smokers to take up the "No Smoking Month" challenge


« For the second year, the month without tobacco will start in France. The operation is inspired by the British STOPTOBER, where we can boast, there, a smoking prevalence down dramatically for several years. Result 15% against 36% in France!

The 2017 No Smoking Month is very similar to the operation that was conducted last year. With only institutional supervision, Public Health France, Ministry of Solidarity and Health, Health Insurance, the tone remains in the traditional line of the fight against tobacco as it has been conducted in France for decades.

Thus, the association SOVAPE regrets :

  • a graphic communication and a speech "infantilisant" vis-à-vis smokers;
  • "smokers' kits" consisting mainly of "toys" and advice that are far from the immediate concerns and needs of the person who wishes to quit;
  • a priority given to the medical path, presented as a necessity, whereas in reality, 95% of smokers do not wish to consult a health professional to get out of smoking;
  • a presentation of nicotine substitutes is also a priority when it comes to reducing the lack of nicotine;
  • a proposal on the vape (electronic cigarette) still far too shy and cautious;

The new Month Without Tobacco website is very bushy, with "marketing" geared towards registration only, while the main thing should be to direct smokers towards solutions. We are very far from the efficiency of the British: STOPTOBER website.

For additional protection, it is a shame that the operation does not affirm stronger the less harmful of the vape compared to tobaccobecause opportunities to restore this truth are rare. Indeed, many (international) surveys show that the proportion of people who feel that the vape is more dangerous than tobacco is the majority.

Nevertheless, there is some progress on the vape :

Unfortunately, SOVAPE was not consulted for the development of the contents of the Month Without Tobacco, whether for communication or "tools" for smokers. But some of our remarks during the Vapotage Working Group meetings were heard following last year's operation. So, we can see this year:

  • That in a number of documents, the electronic cigarette (we would have preferred "vape") is no longer just "reported" but is part of all possible "solutions" and proposed to stop smoking. There is progress compared to last year.
  • That in the notion of "groups", central concept of the operation this year "In November, we stop together", the vape has its group Vapoteurs #MoisSansTabac, and that this group, has been entrusted to citizens ex- smokers, vape specialists and social networks. This will be the only group that is not managed by Tobacco Info Service and its advertising agency.
  • That specialized vape shops can participate in the Month Without Tobacco by displaying the operation on their windows and in their spaces.

In a constructive spirit, the association SOVAPE wishes to interpret these some progress as a positive message from the public authorities and Tobacco Info Service in particular.

To help smokers, SOVAPE supports Operation Month Without Tobacco

Helping smokers is a priority. The situation is disastrous, 36% smoking prevalence, France is on the European podium just behind Greece. One in three out of high school with "the cigarette in the beak".

Since its creation, the association SOVAPE has been working with force and determination to improve the image of the vape and to sensitize the authorities on its usefulness in the fight against smoking. Whether it is about the practices of the vapers or about the regulations concerning the materials and the rights to the communication, the tracks of progress are still considerable. They absolutely require action and words to improve the situation and convince the necessary measures to better take into account the potential of the vape for public health. The association is more determined than ever, new active members reinforce since September, and a future Summit of the Vape will run well in 2018.

The Month Without Tobacco must be able to improve and the association SOVAPE will again address Tobacco Info Service to participate in the preparations for the operation 2018, hoping, this time, count among the consultants.

Meanwhile, objectively, in the operation Month Without Tobacco, even if it lacks a "strong" presence, the vape is not denigrated. This national communication operation can only have a positive impact to encourage smokers to try to stop.

Helping smokers is a priority, and it is for this reason, imperative and primordial, that the SOVAPE Association joins the dynamic and supports the Tobacco Free Month, hoping for tangible results.

To maximize their chances of success, SOVAPE invites smokers, who want to try the vape to try to quit smoking, to go to a specialized store to find advice, materials and quality products.«

To find out more, visit the association's official website « Sovape " Or on the official facebook page.

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