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STUDY: In 90 days, 37% of smokers switch to vaping thanks to blu.

STUDY: In 90 days, 37% of smokers switch to vaping thanks to blu.

The giant Fontem Ventures recently launched a real-world study for its brand blu to see the reaction of smokers to the e-cigarette alternative over 90 days. A winning operation because after 3 months, the authors of the study found that 37% of smokers had totally switched to vaping. 


Amsterdam, September 6, 2018 - A new study funded by Fontem Ventures and published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows once again the interest of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation. For this study 72 adult smokers tried e-cigarettes, he found that after 90 days, 37% of them had completely replaced their cigarettes with vaping products. 


« Our data show that it is possible to facilitate a change in behavior among smokers by giving them access to quality e-cigarettes, at least for a short period of time.“Said the professor Neil McKeganey, director of the Center for Research on Addiction, which conducted the study.

Throughout the study, the 72 adult smokers had access to an open-system e-cigarette: blu PRO as well as a whole range of flavors with commercially available nicotine concentrations.


After a real-time study of 90 days, it was found :

- That 36,5% of smokers have totally switched to e-cigarettes;
- A reduction in daily tobacco consumption of 88,7% of participants (daily reduction of cigarettes from 14,38 on average to 3,19 per day on average);
- A decrease in the average number of days per month that participants smoked (From 27,87 / 30 days initially to 9,22 / 30 days after 90 days);
- That the “tobacco” flavored e-liquids were preferred by the majority of participants;
- That the number of smokers who opted for vaping increased between the start of the study and the 30th day and continued to increase throughout the duration of the study (90 days).

The results suggest that the use of vaping products may have additional benefits with prolonged use, indeed a proportion of smokers completely changed during the first month of use.

« All of the participants found the use of flavorings to be important and could help them switch to e-cigarettes altogether or reduce their consumption. 92,1% said blu PRO helped them reduce or completely replace smoking over 90 days“Said Professor McKeganey.

« Contrary to these impressive results, nicotine replacement therapy has been shown to be significantly less satisfactory for smokers. In some cases, there is less than 15% abstinence after three months of use"Said the Dr Grant O'Connell, Director of General Affairs, Fontem Ventures.

Finally, Dr O'Connell is optimistic and encouraging: “The 40% of UK smokers who haven't even tried e-cigarettes should be encouraged to try products such as blu as an alternative to smoking. ». - 

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