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STUDY: Measuring the feeling of vapers with the Vape Sensory Experience project

STUDY: Measuring the feeling of vapers with the Vape Sensory Experience project

«  There is no hindrance to the risks of vaping “, It's a little music that comes up often and that is clearly not justified. With more than 10 years of hindsight, vaping has proven its effectiveness and to further support this statement, Ingenuity, a young French company launches its study Vaping Sensory Experience which aims to measure the feelings of vapers.


Ingenuity, a young company that relies on the technical and scientific expertise acquired by the former LFEL (French Laboratory of E-liquid), a major player in vaping in France has just launched a new study to measure the feelings of vapers.

The objective of this large international study on vaping is to observe the different feelings of vapers. Today, the plurality of devices, e-liquids and vaping behaviors make research in this field more complex. In addition, if risk assessment remains the main focus of study, it is generally limited to the observation of physical and / or chemical parameters. There is very little data on sometimes more subjective parameters such as consumer sentiment.

The interest of the study proposed by ingésciences is to put the vapoteur at the heart of this reflection by proposing to vary the power of his device and to observe the effects himself.

If the subjective nature of this study is indisputable, it should nevertheless make it possible to understand and classify with more precision the different perceptions of a vapoteur according to the variation of the physical parameters.

Vape Sensory Experience is piloted by Dr Sébastien SOULET

Prior to the experience, the user is invited to anonymously fill in certain information allowing their profile to be evaluated, such as :

  • His passive smoking
  • The commercial reference of its device *
  • The commercial reference for its e-liquid *
  • Its consumption habits (power applied, resistance used, average consumption, etc.)
  • Its type of inhalation (direct or indirect)
  • His age, gender and country.

The next step is to allow the vapoteur to evaluate his feelings when vaporizing his e-liquid by varying the power applied (from 2 watts to 2 watts). For this, the feeling is evaluated using 4 different criteria :

  • the perception of flavor (it refers to both olfactory and taste sensations perceived during vaping),
  • vapor density
  • steam temperature
  • Hit density

Throughout the Vape Sensory Experience, the user is guided by a perceptions rating scale between 1 and 5.

If at first, the experience is reserved for a public of informed professionals, it will very soon be offered to all voluntary vapers.
With the compilation of these data, the ingenuity research team wishes to be able to deepen the state of knowledge on vaping products and publish studies showing that the perception of vaping is correlated with the observation of the influence of the phenomena. physical.

If you are a vaping professional and would like to participate in the study "  Vaping Sensory Experience ", go to this address .

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