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Do you find the summer of 2021 gloomy, rainy, sad and anxious? U.S. too ! So, we will not hesitate to make you smile! 😁

How M'sieur?

Well, with an Expresso, of course! By making you win in passing the two hot novelties of this end of August!

First of all a kit Zelos 3 from home Aspire including the box of the same name, latest creation of the Chinese giant, a notorious madness which garners all the laurels of the re-entry, equipped with the clearo Aspire Nautilus 3, excuse the little, the return of the legend in terms of flavors!

But that's not all. There, you have a mod and an ato, it's cool but what juice to put in it?

It's not complicated ! Our long-standing partners also offer you the range complete new juices Calypo, created by the madmen back home Fruity Fuel !!! Fresh fruit that will do a lot against climate change because we are convinced that the weather will be very nice in September! And, you know what they say: " Sun in September, Christmas in December!" page (in French).

Yes, but okay but how do we win ? 😃

It's simple, Monday August 30 at 18 p.m., our Special Summer Expresso will be published on our websites and on social networks! It will be about our Drakkar video reviewer, you know, the one that looks like Jean Reno? Well, I look like Brad Pitt but at the beginning of the film Benjamin Button! 😔

Alas, our shocking and charming reviewer has a twist of language! Indeed, he cannot help but pronounce the word " Typically »In all sentences !!! It's almost a machine gun, man !!!

To win you just have to watch the video, count the number of times it says " typically And write down this number. Then, you send us an email to: In the object, you indicate the name that you found and in the body of the email, your contact details (last name, first name, address, postal code, city). That's all ! Simple, right?

The game will end on September 5th at midnight so you have time to count and recount and recount to be sure !!! The winner will be notified by email and will receive everything, equipment and e-liquids following !!! Isn't life beautiful?

Good luck to all of you !!! And good vape!

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