SWITZERLAND: Helvetic Vape unveils new committee and upcoming activities!

SWITZERLAND: Helvetic Vape unveils new committee and upcoming activities!

Through a recent press release, the association Helvetic Vape (Swiss Association of Personal Vaporizer Users) presents its new committee for the 2019 year as well as its upcoming activities and objectives.


This Saturday, 27 April 2019, the annual general meeting of Helvetic Vape elected its 2019 committee. It is composed of Richard Borges, Patrizia Cavalli and Philippe Poirson. Helvetic Vape will continue to defend the rights of users of vaping products in complete independence from the economic interests of the pharmaceutical, tobacco and vaping companies. The committee also wants to develop vape coaching activities.

The association will continue its work, which has allowed it in recent years:

  • initiate and drive the repeal of the prohibition of nicotine liquids, by decision of the Federal Administrative Court in April 2018,
  • to see his request for differentiation of the products of vaptoage of tobacco products to be heard at the federal chambers in 2016 when Alain Berset's first Tobacco bill (LPTab) was sent back,
  • to build collaborations and / or rich dialogues with professionals of the vape, actors of the social and health world, scientific researchers, and sometimes political decision-makers. Some of the actors preferring to defend the interests of the pharmaceutical and / or tobacco lobbies refused our invitations to dialogue.

A critical moment

While the second Tobacco bill (LPTab) is being discussed in parliament, advocacy is at a critical juncture. Recognition of the principle of harm reduction, allowing initiatives to help and support smoking cessation with the vape; product quality guarantees, in contrast to a reduced supply of poor products; the recognition that the vape is without tobacco, carbon monoxide, tars and is not just a cigarette, are issues. The five years of experience of the association give us a good control of the files.

Independent, honest, loyal and credible

The existence of Helvetic Vape assures users that their interests are defended. Our independence is also a guarantee of honesty towards the health actors with whom we collaborate and a guarantee of loyalty to professional vaping actors with whom we have maintained good relations during these five years.

The 2019 committee will build on the fantastic work done by the previous team in recent years. Mr. Olivier Théraulaz, Mr. Marc Szeemann, Ms. Linda Nef and Ms. Sandra Borel have been instrumental in turning Helvetic Vape into a recognized actor with a body of pragmatic, consistent, and coherent, structure-based analysis. light but healthy.

Our victories over the rights of vaping users from 2013 are bothering established interests. We are determined to continue.

To support our action, you can join http://helveticvape.ch/adhesion/

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