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LET'S TALK E-JUICE: The top 20 of e-liquids that deserve the status of legend!
LET'S TALK E-JUICE: The top 20 of e-liquids that deserve the status of legend!

LET'S TALK E-JUICE: The top 20 of e-liquids that deserve the status of legend!

Today there are thousands of e-liquids across the world and new references are emerging on the market every day. Yet in a few years, some references have become essential or even real unicorns. To help you discover or rediscover these famous nuggets, here is a list of 20 e-liquids that we think deserve the status of legend !



The king ! When we talk about legendary e-liquid, it is generally this e-liquid that is named! A unique recipe, secret and well kept by Alien Vision. This gourmet tobacco rich in aroma, everyone will find different notes ... Chocolate, caramel, coconut or even spices, this juice only available in full VG (presented as being 100% vegetable glycerin) is a real treat for the taste buds. For the past few weeks he has been back to the delight of fans of the genre!


This is the second nugget of the American “Alien Visions”! If you're not a fan of Boba's Bounty, the hint of banana added to the recipe might just make you fall for Gorilla Juice. This e-liquid is a gourmet and sweet evolution of Boba's Bounty. In addition to a gourmet and complex tobacco, there are calculated and unique notes of banana. Totally addictive, this e-liquid is also one of the references to taste at least once during a vaping experience. 


Tobacco e-liquid lover? Maybe you will find your nugget in this bottle! Grumpy's Hooch is an e-liquid that quickly gained a reputation! Totally addictive, this complex tobacco where you can find notes of coffee, gingerbread, hops or even honey is clearly part of the e-liquids of legends! This 50% VG / 50% PG e-liquid could have been your new benchmark gourmet tobacco unfortunately it is no longer available at this time!



Often copied, never equaled! By its innovative side when it was released, S&S Mods Cinnamon Danish Swirl clearly has its place in this Top 20! Lovers of delicacies of all kinds, this e-liquid could surprise you as it has inspired manufacturers. Based on the famous Danish pastry (which can also be found in “Starbuck's coffee”), Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a real sweetness mixing sweet brioche and cinnamon. A recipe that S&S Mods has perfected so that it is consumed all-day.


Can we really talk about legendary e-liquids without mentioning this reference! You don't know him? Well know that this famous e-liquid whose “neon green” color may surprise you is a real concentrate of anise and fruit liqueur. If you are a real Pastis (or Ricard) drinker, you might like this juice. But beware of the taste buds because the Radiator Pluid will clearly surprise you with its power! Whether you love it or hate it, this e-liquid is clearly a unicorn in the world of vaping.


If the Radiator Pluid is a real reference in the world of vaping, the lesser-known Maha Ras also deserves its place in this Top 20 of legendary e-liquids. This red colored nectar is a fine blend of pomegranate and truly surprising floral flavors. Complex and addictive, it is often mixed with pluid to obtain a unique e-liquid of its kind. If Maha Ras was not necessarily a bestseller in Europe, it nevertheless remains a real reference in the United States. 




We love him or hate him but what is certain is that he has his place in this Top 20! The famous Red Astaire by T-Juice has over time become a staple of the vape! Being probably the best-selling and most copied e-liquid in Europe, the Red Astaire has fascinated and continues to surprise a whole generation of vapers. Bright red in color, this famous nectar whose recipe T-Juice keeps secret is a blend of red fruits, black grapes enhanced with sweet eucalyptus, anise and menthol. True all-day for thousands of vapers, the Red Astaire is an essential reference! It is available “ready to eat” or as a concentrate.


We stay in the freshness with another e-liquid that has become a real reference: The Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. It is in a way an alternative to Red Astaire, extremely addictive, it is consumed by thousands of vapers and is probably one of the best sellers in Europe. This nugget of "sky blue" color which refers to the TV series "Breaking Bad" is a real mystery, there are fruity and fresh notes there without ever being able to determine its real composition.
True all-day for thousands of vapers, the Heisenberg by Vampire Vape is available “ready to consume” or as a concentrate.


With the creation of this reference, the American manufacturer "Suicide Bunny" probably did not expect such a craze. In the end, it was a real madness that took hold of the vaping world for Mothers Milk. Acclaimed by vapers but also criticized for its diacetyl content, Mothers Milk is one of those exceptional juices that we won't risk forgetting! Complex and gourmet, this e-liquid is presented as a creamy custard (custard) enhanced by delicate notes of strawberries.
Despite the many copies, the Mothers Milk remains the reference juice in terms of strawberry custard.


Grand winner 2013 of the “Spinfuel” prize, the Gran-E'S Banana Nut Bread by Mister E-liquid will not steal its place in this top 20. If you like gourmet e-liquids, this one could well make your taste buds wiggle! 
Sold in unique triangular bottles, Gran-E'S Banana Nut Bread is the very representation of the pecan and banana cake found in the United States. These subtle flavors of banana, pecan nuts and vanilla make it a real all-day and above all an e-liquid that has become a legend!



Here is yet another bestseller that fully deserves its place in our "Top 20" of legendary e-liquids! After the famous “Grant's Vanilla Custard”, the Goose Juice from Quack's Juice Factory is probably the “creamy” e-liquid that made the most noise in the world of vaping. 
The Goose Juice is a gourmet e-liquid with character! This little wonder saw the light of day when two Americans disappointed with the market's proposals decided to embark on the adventure. Side flavor, no doubt! We are on something unique! A vanilla cream (Custard) slightly caramelized and addictive to perfection. Quack's Juice Factory Goose Juice is available “ready to eat” or as a concentrate.


What to say about this famous elixir? Understand that speaking of this e-liquid, there are a lot of memories going back, including that of waiting hours on Grant's official website to get the sesame before all the stock is looted by a rabid community! Grant's Vanilla Custard is quite simply the first custard-based e-liquid to hit the market. Difficult to obtain, with limited batches, this e-liquid has forged a real reputation as a unicorn over time. Since 2012, when the recipe was created, the aromas have not changed. Today, it remains difficult to obtain this creamy e-liquid with a vanilla flavor.




How could we not include the famous Dr. Stanley Clark's Snake Oil in this top of legendary e-liquids ... Fruit of the work of a vaping enthusiast, this mixture has quickly become cult in the ecosystem of the electronic cigarette. A strange blend of citrus fruits, licorice and anise, Snake Oil is one of those surprising e-liquids that have made vaping what it is today. Several times voted best e-liquid across the Channel, Snake Oil will bring freshness and bitterness to those who let themselves be tempted. But beware ! While this elixir isn't for everyone, it can get very addicting too! 


Those who embarked on the electronic cigarette a few years ago inevitably have memories of this famous e-liquid from Halo. Because the Tribeca is a great classic and clearly deserves its place in the Top 20 of legendary e-liquids!
Based on the famous RY4, the Tribeca has given the giant "Halo" a solid reputation in the world of vaping. If its popularity rating is not the same today, know that a few years ago, the Tribeca was probably one of the best sellers in stores!
A light and tasty tobacco e-liquid with hints of nuts, the Tribeca remains today a real all-day for a whole generation of vapers.


If we were to retain only one “menthol” reference in this top 20 legendary e-liquids, that would be it! With a name borrowed from the famous character of the game "Mortal Kombat", the Subzero is one of the first menthol e-liquids with a powerful taste! Capable of freezing your throat and cooling you down during the summer months, the Subzero was a true bestseller before the competition arrived. Indeed, what could be easier to stop smoking menthol cigarettes than an e-liquid like Subzero. This reference from the giant Halo paved the way for many manufacturers to create e-liquids of the same type!


Unicorn milk? Of course it did! The proof with Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood which originally had this "pink" color. After a scandal concerning the products used for the coloring of the e-liquid, this one finally took again a classic color. A blend of ripe strawberries and four different creams, Unicorn Milk quickly established itself in the United States as an essential reference. If in Europe it did not have the success that one might expect, this Cuttwood reference undoubtedly deserves its place in the Top 20 of legendary e-liquids. 


Did you really think we would talk about legendary e-liquids without mentioning the American monster "Five Pawns"? Impossible ! If there is one reference from Five Pawns that deserves a place in our Top 20, it is the Long Castle. This woody elixir is a blend of tobacco, coconut, toasted almonds, brown sugar, 2 types of vanilla but also Kentucky bourbon. A totally addictive e-liquid that can be consumed like a good whiskey after a hard day's work. And for lovers of good products, Five Pawns has launched the “Reserve” edition which is aged in barrels for 21 days, something to amaze your taste buds! 


More than a simple e-liquid, a true legend! It is clearly not the most famous nor the most famous juice in the vaping world and yet it is probably the most complex ever created. This real druidic elixir remains a mystery for many vapers, what we find there suddenly on it is a dark tobacco base and quite dry. For the rest it is the most total surprise! Thousands of fine palates have broken their teeth there. It has this incredible peculiarity that too rare juices have to mutate according to multiple parameters. Steeping changes it. Your atomizer changes it. It changes from puff to puff. It's pretty amazing. When you think you have found an element, it disappears and another appears as if by magic, then goes off in turn. Complexity without any competition in all existing e-liquids. In our opinion, it probably deserves the Palme d'Or in this Top 20 legendary e-liquids!


Welcome to the white rabbit hole! Alice in Vapeland is one of those American brands that amazed and fascinated vapers a few years ago. In this Top 20, we have decided to include a very specific reference: the “White rabbit” which has the particularity of being exceptional although indescribable. A tobacco base, caramel, a very light coconut… A slightly sweet but addictive e-liquid that lives up to its name! To date, no one has really succeeded in revealing the true personality of the white rabbit, but that's probably what makes it a legendary e-liquid!


A Loch Ness monster, a real myth, a story that will be told in 150 years! It is obviously that of RY4, the very first aroma for e-liquid to have seen the light of day! Le Ruyan's blend # 4 launched by Dekang is the e-liquid that was offered in the first e-cigarettes. As it evolves, it has become the legendary “RY4” that we all know and which is a real reference among most e-liquid manufacturers. The term RY4 evokes the mixture of tobacco, vanilla and caramel essential to the creation of this famous elixir. As such, Ruyan Blend # 4 can only be in our Top 20 e-liquids of legends!

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