TECH: VDLV joins a standard bearer of French industry, the French Fab!

TECH: VDLV joins a standard bearer of French industry, the French Fab!

Always at the forefront of the vaping and nicotine industry, the company VDLV has just announced through a press release that it is committed to the French Fab, a French label created in 2017 which aims to unite industrialists and strengthen the promotion of French industry abroad.


It is through a press release that VDLV, the famous company specialized in the vaping and nicotine industry has announced its commitment with the French Fab.

Specializing in the vaping and nicotine industry, VDLV has made industrial innovation a real development issue. The first company in Europe to extract nicotine from plants using the green chemistry process, it is now present in nearly 1 countries. Girondin society is strongly attached to its territory and its development. From these beginnings, 40 years ago, VDLV chose to locate its production in France. For three years now, it has also been extracting its main raw material, nicotine, exclusively from tobacco grown in the South West of France in order to help maintain in France a sector that is threatened and brings hope in the crisis. current sanitary. The company is also behind the creation of the first industrial hub of New Aquitaine.

Located in Cestas in Gironde, this 14m² complex bringing together several companies, reflects its ambition to industrial pollination. It is this same desire which today leads VDLV to join the collective French Fab, the standard bearer of French industry. Will further reinforced by the recent highlight of France's industrialization deficit.

For VDLV, integrate the French Fab means engaging with other innovative industrial companies and share the main principles promoted by the company such as the modernization of the means of production, the enhancement of industrial know-how, innovation as a lever for development, ecological and environmental performance or the development of an export capacity .

So many precepts that take shape within the Hub. In particular, it has enabled VDLV to modernize its production methods to make them even more eco-responsible. This factory of the future has mainly for objective of developing synergies and supporting French industrial innovation.

It is to achieve this goal that at the end of 2019, the company ingenuity (formerly LFEL and partner of VDLV) joined the Hub. Thanks to the advice of its technical and scientific teams, ingésciences supports therealization of the industrial projects of its customers by integrating research into future technological applications. Via its analysis and R&D laboratory as well as with its process engineering design office, ingésciences intervenes in many activity sectors such as vaping, agriculture, the environment, health (human and animal) ), agro-food, cosmetology or biotechnologies.

In support of a logic of circular economy and industrial development of the territory, the Hub carried by VDLV and supported by ingésciences also helps startups get through by pooling logistics, experience, territorial roots and other resources with them allowing the many obstacles to the industrialization phase to be removed. Thus, it now hosts innovative projects such as society Bio-Contro immunityl (Bio-pesticides) or the ABnova program (Bio-ethanol from green waste).

Support ambitious projects, make them grow by calling on innovation; these are the values ​​defended by French Fab and to which VDLV fully subscribes. By joining this collective today, VDLV, accompanied by its entire ecosystem, thus strengthens its ambition to become a standard-bearer of the industry-nation in New Aquitaine.

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