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DOSSIER: Techniques and solutions to avoid leaks on an atomizer / clearomizer

DOSSIER: Techniques and solutions to avoid leaks on an atomizer / clearomizer

Whether you are a beginner or initiated in the vape, we have necessarily had at one time or another leak problems on our atomizers. This is generally one of the most recurring problems that we can see with the e-cigarette which in addition to being annoying for the user can end up discouraging many people. So what are the different reasons that can cause leaks on an atomizer or a clearomizer? ? How to fix these famous leaks to no longer have a problem ? Here is our answer.



The reasons for a leak on a clearomizer can be very variable but if you look for the reason, you will always end up finding the cause and a suitable solution.

  • If you have a leak or oozing at the base of your clearomiser's tank, first check the presence of the seal, this happens very often that during disassembly it falls or disappears. In case it has disappeared, take a look in the box of your clearomiser, manufacturers often plan the blow by adding spare joints.
  • In the event that unidentified leaks or seeps appear on your tank (pyrex or plastic) there is a good chance that it has suffered damage. a single shock may be enough to weaken your equipment. If this is the case you will need to change the tank if possible, if necessary a change of clearomizer will be necessary.

  • In the event of a leak through the air-flow, which is the most frequent problem, this can be due to several things, it is therefore necessary to check the possible causes until finding the one that corresponds :

  • The resistance installed is not suitable to your clearomizer (check that it is compatible)

  • The resistance is not screwed in well. It's a recurring cause! When you have a new clearomizer, always remember to tighten your resistance. Disassembling your atomizer can also loosen the resistance over time, this is a parameter to be checked regularly otherwise it is obvious that the e-liquid will go below.
  • The power sent to the atomizer is insufficient, the e-liquid is therefore not vaporized and ends up coming out through the air inlets. To solve the problem, check the power range necessary to operate your resistance in optimal conditions, this is most of the time written on the resistance. (Examples : For a 1,2 Ohm OCC resistor, the power range varies between 12 and 25 watts). When using a mechanical mod, the lack of power is generated by the lack of battery.
  • The resistance is at the end of its life and needs to be changed. When resistance is at the end of life, this results in a significant parasitic taste and leaks.
  • The filling of your atomizer is not well done. Each clearomizer has a different filling system, some fill from the bottom, others from the top or through inlets located on the sides. As a general rule, it is advisable to close the air inlets, to fill your clearomiser before turning it over and to reopen the air inlets in order to evacuate the accumulated air which puts pressure on the e-liquid and can cause leaks.
  • The filling limit of the clearomiser is not respected. Some clearomizers have a filling limit that must be observed without which leaks may appear. This limit can be indicated on the clearomiser itself or on the user manual.
  • Pressure change can have consequences. In case of hot weather or if you are at altitude, your atomizer may have some leaks due to the change in pressure. What often happens is that your coil expands and lets the e-liquid pass, which then leaks through the air-flow. There is no precise solution in this case, the best is to wipe down your atomizer well and use it until the leak subsides. After a few puffs the problem is usually resolved.

lemo2 filling


In addition to the classic causes of leaks just mentioned, a rebuildable atomizer can have other minor concerns.

  • The most common cause of leakage on a rebuildable atomizer is the lack of cotton. If your coil does not contain enough cotton, the e-liquid is not contained by the atomizer and ends up leaking in general through the air inlets (Air-flow).
    - The filling method is very important on a rebuildable atomizer. For example, the Lemo 2 that you can see in the photo fills only with the air-flow ring in the closed position and in the horizontal position, if you do not respect this rule your tank will empty completely.
    - Remember to check that your atomizer is complete. If you make a single coil on an atomizer that can support a double coil, it may be necessary to block one of the air inlets with a small silicone part (as on the Bellus by Youde for example). If you forget, your atomizer will be completely empty.
    - Finally, there are also capricious atomizers that will continue to leak no matter what you do, in this case find out if the problem is recurring on the chosen model.
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