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TF1: E-cigarette? Finally standards in France!

TF1: E-cigarette? Finally standards in France!

Vapers worried about the composition of the products they inhale will now be able to benefit in France from a normative framework, to which manufacturers will be able to adhere on a voluntary basis.

Avoid that cigarette electronics do not cut, injure, overheat, leak or explode… Standards have been presented by the French standardization association to better regulate the marketing of electronic cigarettes. It's a first. These standards are the result of a request formulated in April 2014 by the National Institute of Consumption, which wanted vaping to be better regulated at a time when studies showed that this new practice was not without danger to health. . "It is a form of self-regulation in the sector," said Olivier Peyrat, CEO of the Afnor group.


One of the standards aims, for example, to prevent the main risk of utensils, namely overheating of the energy source or the vaporization chamber. Among the criteria retained, the vapers must be equipped with a system that blocks the vaporization at 10 seconds.


The standard also provides for seven tests so that the device "does not cut, injure, explode or leak". “When it is dropped from 1m, the liquid must not pass on the side of the battery,” explains Bertrand Dautzenberg, professor of pulmonology and chairman of the standardization committee. Tests on the coatings are also recommended to verify that they do not release toxic or allergenic substances, and advice indicates how to avoid accidents when filling.


The standard for liquids relates more to France insofar as these are most of the time manufactured in France. It requires that the ingredients used be of pharmaceutical grade and of high food grade for alcohol and flavoring mixtures. All carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic substances are also prohibited. The vial should not release bisphenol A and should be fitted with a safety cap in addition to a dropper cap.

"The objective is to respond to the concerns of consumers and to have reasonable standards without restricting innovations", underlined Bertrand Dautzenberg, while specifying "that one year of electronic cigarette is a day of smoking" .


 The two standards also include an important component of consumer information on the composition of the products, the doses of nicotine, the populations at risk, the identity of the manufacturer and the distributor, the instructions for use, etc. Manufacturers will be able to rely on these specifications to declare themselves and then be certified if they wish, before the European directive on tobacco products requires them to do so in 2016.

“Everyone's interest is to have a quality product, it is the purpose of the standard to be able to bring everyone together. I am sure that 80% of manufacturers who sell in France will be up to standard within six months, ”said Bertrand Dautzenberg. "Today, smokers are discouraged both by what the media say about the dangers of electronic cigarettes and by the new law which will ban its use in public places", commented Alan Depauw, vice-president of the consumer association Aiduce.


The French vaping market is the first in Europe, with 1,5 million regular users, 3 million with occasional vapers. It is the second in the world behind the United States.

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