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TOBACCO: The use of poisons contained in cigarettes!

TOBACCO: The use of poisons contained in cigarettes!

It's no secret that cigarettes contain hundreds of very harmful or even carcinogenic products. But do you know the composition and common use of 22 products the most importants What does a cigarette contain? Well let's talk about it, it may be think our friends smokers!


  • ACETONE : Nail polish remover (Nice considering the smell)
  • CYANHYDRIC ACID : Used in the gas chambers (it's cold in the back!)
  • METHANOL : The fuel used for rockets
  • TAR : It sticks the cilia in the lungs (probably the most dangerous product in a cigarette)
  • FORMALDEHYDE : Product used in the liquid for embalming corpses
  • NAPHTHALENE : It is a gas and a component used in moth balls
  • NICOTINE : A person responsible for tobacco addiction (due to its combustion and mixing with other products.)
  • CADMIUM : A heavy metal used in car batteries
  • ARSENIC : A component of ant-insecticides and a known and recognized poison.
  • POLONIUM 210 : A radioactive element (just that!)
  • LEAD : A heavy metal guilty of many poisonings.
  • PHOSPHORUS : A component of the anti-rat poison
  • BEESWAX : You can always try to clean your furniture with a cigarette…
  • AMMONIA : A detergent, used to reinforce addiction to cigarettes (see "urine")
  • LACQUER : A chemical varnish
  • TURPENTINE : A thinner for synthetic paints
  • CARBON MONOXIDE : Exhaust gas, reduces the amount of oxygen absorbed by red blood cells.
  • METHOPRENE : Insect growth regulator
  • BUTANE : Camping gas
  • VINYL CHLORIDE : Used in plastics. Causes a decline in libido
  • DDT ; An insectiside
  • XYLENE : A hydrocarbon, extremely carcinogenic.
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