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TRAINING: Amzer Glas by J.Le Houezec

TRAINING: Amzer Glas by J.Le Houezec

We discovered a few days ago that Jacques Le Houezec, a public health and tobacco addiction counselor, decided to offer training on nicotine vaporizer". So we will take a closer look at these formations " Amzer glas Which are intended for e-cigarette shops, e-liquid manufacturers and all professionals involved in this sector of activity.



You probably know him by his interventions whether on or in the various salons of the e-cigarette in France, but who is he really? Jacques le Houezec is a trained scientist, specializing in the brain and its functioning, and more particularly in addictions. he is a freelancer, a consultant in public health, specializing in smoking cessation. he works for both the private sector and the public sector and is also site director who talks about smoking cessation treatments in 11 languages. That was for the story ... Because of his curriculum vitae, we realize that J. The Houezec is a highly qualified character in research on nicotine, its effects but also pharmacology. After having been scientific advisor for the pharmaceutical industry and the administration (Ministry of Health) between 1993 and 1999, he worked as a scientific and medical advisor for Pfizer, R & D Consumer Healthcare (which, among other things, developed the famous "Champix") between 1999 and 2004. After that it seems that J. Le Houezec has chosen the path of the liberal profession by becoming scientific advisor on the dependence on smoking. Author of many publications, J. Le Houezec is a character who has an impressive curriculum that you can only invite to consult. But what is its role in the e-cigarette?



It is obvious that from the moment we learned that Jacques Le Houezec worked with the pharmaceutical industry, it may be puzzling and to be honest, we went digging a little bit to see what it was. And what we found leaves little room for doubt! Jacques Le Houezec is a true advocate of the e-cigarette, for more than 2 years, he offers on his blog many analyzes, he has worked several times with Dr. Farsalinos to help the vape in its development. In addition, he is very active on the social networks at the level of the vape and gave lectures in the various salons of the e-cigarette. Finally we will see that unlike Professor Dautzenberg, Jacques Le Houezec has always kept the same discourse making it a credible actor for the vape.


These are trainings for e-cigarette shops, e-liquid manufacturers and all professionals involved in this sector of activity. These courses are also intended for health professionals and journalists wanting to better understand what is the "nicotine spray". The trainings he offers will allow you to answer your questions about tobacco dependence, the benefits and the relative toxicity of nicotine, the future of the vape following the vote of the European Tobacco Directive, and the use of Nicotine vaporizer to help smokers stop smoking. These trainings will give you the necessary tools to better advise your customers, and reinforce with her your image of professional of the vape.

These formations of a duration of 6 hours, may have places in your premises, or will be offered in large cities to gather enough participants (maximum 15 guests by training).

The price of these training courses duration of 6 hours (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon) is 350,00 € HT per person. A trainer's number is in the process of being applied for, it will allow you to have this training take charge in the context of continuing professional training (in this case, the training will be at 350.00 € TTC, because the VAT does not apply for professional training).

The first training session will take place in Rennes on March 10. If you are interested, you can already register with the form You can consult it by clicking here.. If you are interested in training in your city, you can also apply.

sources : Blog of J. Le HouezecTreadtobacco.netAmzer Glas

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About the Author

Co-founder of in 2014, I am since editor and official photographer. I am passionate about vape but also comics and video games.


    1. einherjar34

      On the other hand, it has been quite complicated in view of your experience. If you have something to add. For example, how much of the money would go to research or to AIDUCE?

      1. Jacques Le Houezec

        It's a good question. It could mostly compensate for the time I spend defending the vape and studying with Farsalinos, for example, for which I am not paid. And then it will depend on their popularity. For the moment I have only one person registered at my first session, if there is not any more quickly, I will have to cancel it. I received only another request to make one on Lyon. So it's a little early to think about it honestly. In any case thank you again for your article, this can only give more visibility to my offer. I think it's important for shops to start "qualifying" training, which could be useful in the future if the government decides to regulate this profession.

        1. Benoit Mark

          Jacques, to possibly have more people, does not hesitate to look at the side of the Forvape, which makes trainings for the managers and employees of shops. can be something to play at this level, to create or enhance a training module 🙂

  1. françois paul

    there is no training funded by the ANPE? because I would be interested but I can not afford that you particular ASS does not find a taff in my branch, and having big health problems preventing me from working.
    Thank you and have a good time 🙂

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