TUNISIA: Towards a liberalization of the e-cigarette market?

TUNISIA: Towards a liberalization of the e-cigarette market?

For years now, the situation of the e-cigarette in Tunisia is complicated! Prohibitions, limitations and stock seizures by the authorities, the vape industry is clearly waiting for a liberalization of this promising market.


Despite its monopoly on the Tunisian market, the National Tobacco and Match Board (RNTA) can not succeed, the company is in deficit. It must also be said that in all these last years, its production methods have not changed. Rumors about its privatization, have recently circulated, which pushed the central union to defend this public company with all its weight, via a video she made.

In addition to its monopoly on the production and distribution of tobacco in Tunisia, the RNTA also has a monopoly on the electronic cigarette market since 2014. The raids on specialized retail stores have multiplied, and beware of the one who transgresses the law, even if the supply of the control does not meet the expectations of consumers. Thus and instead of encouraging the official circuit by liberalizing the market, we encourage the parallel market and we reinforce the smugglers!

The Tunisian state could learn from the experiences of other countries. The most recent is that of British parliamentarians who last week made a request to the government to reconsider its position and its provisions for electronic cigarettes in order to promote the reduction of risks to individuals. They based their claim on a scientific study on e-cigarettes by the UK Parliament's Science and Technology Committee, which states that this new form of tobacco presents 95% less risk than traditional fuel cigarettes.


A request was thus formulated and supported by concrete results by the Committee where the parliamentary group advocated a relaxation of restrictions. on e-cigarettes, arguing inter alia that "e-cigarettes are a powerful risk-reduction tool that should be encouraged".

MEPs formulated a set of provisions :

  • Allow greater freedom for the industry to promote electronic cigarettes
  • Easing regulations and taxes on e-cigarettes to reflect their relative health benefits
  • An annual review of the health effects of electronic cigarettes, as well as non-combustible products
  • Open the debate on vaping in public spaces, such as public transport and offices
  • Allow the use of electronic cigarettes as medical devices
  • Rethinking limits on filling forces and bowl sizes
  • The end of the ban on snus - an oral tobacco product that is illegal in the UK under EU rules

This is a first, because never before, the Science and Technology Committee of the British Parliament, led by its President, Norman Lambin this way, expressed its unreserved support for the relaxation of the regulations of the vaping industry.

source : Businessnews.com.tn/

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