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TUTORIAL: How to help a smoker to quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette?

TUTORIAL: How to help a smoker to quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette?

As vapers, we are generally the first to be confronted with questions from our smoking friends about our practices and we must admit that it is not necessarily easy to answer, inform and guide these people. You should also know that if the physical stores took a long time to explain to the most novices the operation of the e-cigarette there is still some time, they do not always have the possibility of doing it in the best conditions. This is why, as vapers, we have everyone is responsible and especially the possibility of advising the e-cigarette to smokers who are close to us.

With several years of experience in the field, we have learned to talk about e-cigarettes around us and we have above all learned to respond to the expectations and concerns of these smokers who sometimes start giggling when they see our machines. steam. So what to say ? What not to say ? How to respond to the ambient misinformation ? How to prove that the e-cigarette is effective ? These are all points that we have decided to address in order to help you convert new vapers.



This is the easiest situation to manage and it is above all the one which will put you in the best conditions in order to get a smoker to adopt the e-cigarette. The person comes to you because they are intrigued or interested in the e-cigarette. So take your time, don't forget that you were recently hooked on this famous poison and that some people took the time to inform you. In the first exchanges, it is not necessary to go into too much detail so as not to overwhelm your interlocutor, in order to start well the goal will be only to inform and not to persuade him. To do this, answer the simplest questions: The operation of an e-cigarette, the composition of an e-liquid, the advantages over tobacco. Also talk about your personal experience by explaining how much the e-cigarette has helped you get rid of tobacco.



We won't teach you that! When we talk e-cigarettes with a smoker, there is a good chance that he is talking to us about what he has seen on television or in the newspapers. The subject being very recurrent, it is sometimes complicated to contain oneself and not to break the discussion but if the smoker is misinformed, remember this is not their fault ! It is necessary calmly respond to misinformation with information, do not hesitate to support your comments with the names of doctors, recognized pulmonologists or with documents. The important thing is to show your interlocutor that if the e-cigarette is not 100% safe, it is 95% less harmful than tobacco.

One important thing that I have seen over time, if the person does not want to hear anything, do not insist, just tell her to come back to you if she wants any information or help. You will see that by letting the time pass (several weeks or several months) the person in question will realize how it works and will come back by itself to ask you for help, the little idea that you will have implanted in this moment there will have germinated.



It is obvious ! No one will embark on the purchase of a complete e-cigarette kit if there is not a minimum certain of its effectiveness. This will often be the first question that comes up in a discussion with a smoker " So, does your thing really work?". If you are not a vapo-smoker (a person who mixes e-cigarettes and tobacco) you can therefore easily answer that you are living proof since you have not touched the killers for some time. But this will not be enough for the most skeptics, you may need to give examples of other people around you to show that it works for many people. Talking about statistics can also help, do not hesitate to remember that the e-cigarette is much more effective than patches and the like, than many pulmonologists and doctors advise her without reservation. Of course, you should not forget to talk about the benefits that you have seen since stopping smoking: a newfound taste and smell, no more chronic bronchitis, no more yellowed fingers, the smell of cold tobacco in the house, passive smoking for those around you ...



  • The e-cigarette is currently a simple way to stop smoking,
  • The e-cigarette is 95% less harmful that tobacco,
  • After a few months of vaping, we find the smell and taste again and we can even resume sport without spitting out our lungs,
  • According to some studies, there is no such thing as passive vaping,
  • Many pulmonologists and doctors consider the e-cigarette a good way to help with smoking cessation (Dautzenberg, Presles, Farsalinos...),
  • It's not the nicotine that kills in the cigarette but tar, which does not appear in the composition of e-liquids,
  • If the person is prone to chronic bronchitis or respiratory problems, these should improve with stopping smoking,
  • A cigarette is more than 4 000 Inhaled Chemicals of which more than 60 classified as carcinogenic by the International Committee for Research on Cancer, an e-liquid contains only 3 or 4 at most and none is carcinogenic,
  • Le propylene glycol is not used as an antifreeze (not to be confused with ethylene glycol)
  • With the current market, everyone can find suitable equipment and e-liquids at their convenience.
  • With the transposition of the tobacco directive, we do not yet know if the possibilities will be the same in a few months, so now is the time to get started!
  • If the person cannot afford the equipment, ask him how much his monthly tobacco use costs him.
  • Vape is a large community, you can find help at any time anywhere on the internet (blogs, forums, social networks ...)
  • Generally, the expenses are reduced compared to the purchase of cigarettes. In all cases, Health is priceless !
  • You can stop at your own pace without feeling a state of withdrawal that could affect those around you and your work.
  • Tobacco kills more than 70 000 french by year and 1 in 2 smokers succumb to the consequences of their smoking. The e-cigarette did not kill.
  • (If the person talks about it) An e-cigarette is not more likely to explode than a cell phone, as long as we are well advised, the risk is no greater than if we have the last iPhone in our pocket .



  • La e-cigarette is safe at 100% (it is certainly less harmful but we do not have the hindsight to say that it is 100% safe)
  • With the e-cigarette you are sure to stop smoking the first time (This is wrong! You can fall back into tobacco for many reasons but that does not prevent you from persevering and getting out of it)
  • No need for motivation to stop smoking! (This is also false! Of course, the e-cigarette is a means that helps enormously but without motivation, a smoker will remain a smoker ...)
  • With the e-cigarette you will be able to "smoke" everywhere! (This is clearly not the objective and it is not because you are a vaper that you should not respect your entourage to a minimum)
    - You'll see, we can do sub-ohm and power vaping! (Remember who you are talking to, the goal is to end tobacco, not to turn a smoker into a steam factory)
    - It is possible to use the e-cigarette and at the same time to smoke (We strongly advise against the practice of vaping because as a general rule, the person never really stops smoking ...)
  • Be careful when you donate equipment and e-liquids, it's silly to say, but paying for something often strengthens motivation. Even if this is only in principle that will prevent the smoker from saying " Yeah I was given that, I'll see later" page (in French).
  • Never force anyone's hand, if a smoker does not wish to start vaping, it is not by forcing him that it will work better. He will come to you when he is ready.
  • Even if you like your collection of mods and atomizers avoid talking about it at the start, the smoker may not understand your approach! (especially if you talk to him about your monthly budget!)
  • Pay attention to your lexicon, do not immediately speak of watts, volts or even ohms… The person in front of you is a beginner! On the other hand, talk to him about steam and not smoke so that things are clear from the start. Vape is not smoking!


You got to the heart of the matter with your interlocutor and he tells you that he wants to get into the e-cigarette as soon as possible to put an end to tobacco. What to do ? Well there are a multitude of answers.

First of all if you do not feel able to orient it or if you are not sure of yourself, do not do it, whether in physical stores or in online stores there are many professionals able to assess the needs and meet the expectations of a smoker. However, if your interlocutor does not have a store at his disposal, he can go to our site or to another platform in order to be directed to start the e-cigarette properly (we often offer tutorials that are updated with hardware selections to get started). If your interlocutor can go to the shop, he is always interesting to accompany him so that he does not feel alone in the vast world of e-cigarettes.



Once the first kit acquired, do not hesitate to share your experience and knowledge with the beginner who is in front of you. Some notions of safety and maintenance can be shared without worry :

  • On the choice of batteries (see our tutorial on this subject)
  • On the "toxicity" of nicotine and more particularly on the fact that it crosses the epidermis (therefore be careful of handling)
  • On equipment maintenance
  • Regarding the choice of resistors (beware of nickel and titanium: temperature control only), overall we must warn about the potential dangers of "Sub-ohm".
  • On the pace of change in resistance
  • On the concepts of Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin (PG / VG) ratio ...



If the e-cigarette has many advantages, we must nevertheless not forget that some adverse effects may arise in its use. The best thing is to inform your interlocutor so that there are no surprises.

  • Cough during vaping : This is the most common side effect, we could call it beginner vaping cough. It takes some time for your throat and body to get used to the steam and for your body to detox from tobacco.
  • Headache / vertigo : Usually this is due to nicotine. Either the proposed rate is too high and in this case it will have to be reduced, or you made the mistake of pouring e-liquid (strongly dosed) on your hands and did not clean it.
  • Dry throat : The e-cigarette produces vapor which tends to dry out the throat, so you will need to hydrate yourself a little more than usual, don't worry this is quite normal.
  • Nausea, tingling, inflammation : Some people are intolerant to Propylene Glycol without even knowing it. If these symptoms are too persistent, do not hesitate to redirect yourself to an e-liquid with a high concentration of Vegetable Glycerin.




In conclusion of this tutorial which, we hope, will have convinced you or at least helped you, we want to remind you that if the e-cigarette remains open to criticism, it remains at present "one" or even "the" best alternative to tobacco and its harmful effects. As a vaper, remember that every time you invite a smoker to adopt the e-cigarette you potentially save him life. Isn't that enough motivation to tell your loved ones about it ? With a little motivation, the e-cigarette remains a simple and effective way to stay away from tobacco, so if it worked for you, don't forget to share your experience with others.




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