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TUTO: Choosing the right equipment to start (July 2016)

TUTO: Choosing the right equipment to start (July 2016)

The world of e-cigarettes is changing so fast that we have to update some tutorials regularly. Today we will focus on the new vapers. You! Yes you who join us in a wonderful world without tobacco, you wonder what to choose as material to start well ? gives you his opinion on the material to choose before these holidays 2016 so as not to miss his initiation in the vape!



Even if there are many kits suitable for beginners, we must admit that the Ego Aio is positioned as the ideal tool. The kit Ego Aio by Joyetech is compact and discreet, it includes a powerful battery integrated into a clearomizer and 2 coils. Perfectly suited to first-time buyers, it is a real bestseller which has already sold more than 50.000 copies. If you are afraid that your choice will fall on a product that is too complicated, choose the Ego Aio and you will be seduced by its simplicity and above all its efficiency.

The kit Ego Aio de Joyetech sells for around 30 Euros, it also exists in XL format (with a larger battery). In the same genre, you also have the Subvod kit by Kanger (45 Euros) and the kit Ego One de Joyetech (of 40 to 60 Euros).


ISTICK / NAUTILUS: A WINNING COMBO FOR BOX FANS.Kit-istick-40w-mini nautilus

Not everyone wants to start with the same equipment and we understand that some people would easily be tempted by a nice box. But is it that simple? Between the settings, the choice of batteries, the choice of the atomizer…. A real headache when you are a first-time buyer. So to keep it simple, we have selected a winning combo for you that is as effective as it is easy to use: The Istick 40w and Mini Nautilus from Aspire. With this choice, no more battery problem because the battery is integrated and no adjustment problem either, it is ultra simplified. On the atomizer side, the Mini-Nautilus offers a good capacity and is recognized as being a leak-free product. If you choose to turn to a box, you will make your combo Istick / Mini-Nautilus a real fellow traveler.

The kit Istick 40w / Mini Nautilus is sold at a price of 60 euros approximately. Note that there are several models of Istick boxes and that most are totally suitable for beginners. Everything will depend on your needs in terms of power and especially autonomy.



Small, simple and very easy to use, it will be perfect for beginners. Do not look for variable power or temperature control that will be the major absentees. A single button and an efficient clearomizer that offers a vape of quality, here is what the latest model from Eleaf offers. The battery is already integrated, you do not have to worry about a probable dilemma in the choice of acccus.

The kit Basic Istick sells at a price between 35 and 40 euros. There are several different finishes.

Now you just have to make your choice! Remember that we remain at your disposal if you have any questions. You have the chance to start this introduction to the e-cigarette with efficient equipment that will offer you a nice steam and a lot of flavor. By choosing this material, you give yourself the best chance of success in your quest for smoking cessation.

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