UNITED KINGDOM: Health insurance costs twice as much for vapers!

UNITED KINGDOM: Health insurance costs twice as much for vapers!

We talk a lot about the United Kingdom as a real eldorado of the electronic cigarette but it is clear that this is not always the case for vapers. In fact, at the moment, insurers treat vapers in the same way as smokers, considering that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as tobacco.


In the United Kingdom, insurers apply the same rates to users of electronic cigarettes as to smokers. The subject is already known but he returned to the carpet a few days ago at the UKVIA 2018 Forum in London.

According to the insurance companies the reason is simple: Electronic cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco and must be treated in the same way in the calculation of health insurance rates. At the UKVIA forum it was declared: " No major insurance company in Britain is willing to reduce risk for vapers »

Clearly, this means that choosing vaping over other smoking cessation methods can double the cost of insurance. A real aberration ...

This week, the teacher Gillian Leng, the Health Monitoring Committee stated that e-cigarettes were sold as "lifestyle objectsThat can encourage long-term use.

according to Andrew WibberleyAs an insurance expert, large companies that calculate health risks over a lifetime do not distinguish between vapers and smokers.

At the recent UKVIA forum, he said: " In practice, if you are a non-smoker, you pay about £ 10 per month for a death insurance policy. If you are a smoker, and this includes e-cigarette users, you pay about £ 20 per month »
To be clear, it is important to understand that today half of the adults working in Britain have a life insurance policy.

« Electronic cigarettes pose the same problem to insurers as HIV - Andrew Wibberley

The counts of Future Proof, an independent insurance broker are overwhelming, they locate the average cost for a death insurance on 20 years with a premium of £ 100 000 to £ 12 617 for a non-smoker of 60 years. If you're vaping, the price will more than double to £ 30,924.

In all cases, the rates observed are exactly the same for vapers as for smokers.

Wibberley told UKVIA on Monday that e-cigarettes pose the same problem to insurers as HIV. They have not been around long enough to potential damage is fully known. According to him : " Part of the challenge remains the evolution and variety of electronic cigarettes ... This obviously brings doubts as to whether there might be something harmful in some of the flavors. "

He adds : " There is concern that people who use e-cigarettes may start smoking again ... »

For more than one year AIG Life proposes "non-smoking" rates for electronic cigarette users without nicotine . Yet Debbie Bolton, Head of Underwriting, says: " There is not enough data on electronic cigarettes to be sure of long-term effects. »

Avivaanother insurance states: " As we continue to actively monitor emerging evidence, until it is available we are likely to maintain our approach. "

Yet John Newton, from Public Health England, states that the risks of vaping are "much lower than those caused by smoking." He took the opportunity to warn companies: Insurance should not discourage smokers from using the UK's most popular weaning tool. "

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