UNITED KINGDOM: Philip Morris wants to open hundreds of shops dedicated to IQOS

UNITED KINGDOM: Philip Morris wants to open hundreds of shops dedicated to IQOS

UK, Philip Morris seems determined to impose his famous system of heated tobacco IQOS (I quit original tuxedo). For this, the tobacco company plans to open hundreds of stores as part of a campaign to sell alternatives to cigarettes.


Philip Morris International initially plans to open four stores IQOS selling heated tobacco and vape products in Bristol and two in Manchester to sell his heated tobacco machines. The expansion will build on the four stores it already owns in London and where it is negotiating with owners to open new stores.

The company launched IQOS in Britain in 2016 when it spoke of the prospect of phase out period Cigarettes when the sale of alternatives was high enough.

Large tobacco companies have invested in "reduced risk products" as the industry faces a decline in cigarette sales, particularly in developed countries, in the context of heightened awareness of the health risks of tobacco and stricter regulation. However, Philip Morris's commitment to a "smoke-free" world, with appliances that heat rather than burn tobacco, has been met with skepticism by industry critics.

IQOS is sold in 47 country and already accounts for 10 billion in the 18 billion risk-reduced product market, according to Peter Nixon, the boss of Philip Morris in Britain. Sales have exceeded the 100 000 units in the UK, he said, but the company expects them to increase as it raises awareness.

Mr. Nixon said Bristol and Manchester were chosen as the next cities for his stores because they had the lowest and highest smoking rates, respectively, of all major cities of the United Kingdom. He said that for " get coverage in the UK ", The company was targeting points of sale" by the hundreds Although it does not have a precise figure, as this would be influenced by the success of converting smokers to IQOS.

Philip Morris struggled to convince homeowners to do business with a tobacco company, but Nixon said the demonstration of his research and development had helped.

A study of Frontier Economics, commissioned by Philip Morris in the UK, revealed in 2017 that "The government's goal of reducing the smoking rate below 5% of the adult population of England was to be reached by about 2040, but could be reached in 2029 » if the faster rate of decline since 2012 was maintained.

Mr. Nixon stated that separate investigations had shown that 7 people on 10 who bought IQOS systems had stopped smoking, which he thought could be compared to a 2 or 3 figure on 10 for the vape. He acknowledged, however, that people were right to be skeptical about buying tobacco products.

Deborah Arnott, Executive Director Action on Smoking and Health said : " We advise smokers who want to stop trying e-cigarettes first, as they are proven to help smokers and are probably less harmful than heated tobacco products. »

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