UNITED STATES: Beverly Hills will ban the marketing of the 2021 early e-cigarette!

UNITED STATES: Beverly Hills will ban the marketing of the 2021 early e-cigarette!

In the United States, the California City Council of Beverly Hills has unanimously approved a measure to ban the sale of nicotine-containing products. This legislation, which will come into force at the beginning of the year 2021, prohibit petrol stations, grocery stores, pharmacies and all other businesses to market tobacco in all its forms (cigarettes, chewing tobacco), but also chewing gum containing nicotine, and e-cigarettes.

Ruth Malone, professor at the University of California


According to the mayor of this city known for being very popular with show business stars, John MirischThis is a first in the United States.

The council hopes to dissuade children from taking an interest in smoking, by presenting products containing nicotine not as something cool But, on the contrary, as harmful and bad products. His city already had strict smoking legislation, and smoking is prohibited on the street, in parks, or in apartment buildings. Similarly, the sale of flavored tobacco products is prohibited.

California is already boasting the second lowest smoking rate in the country, behind Utah.

according to Ruth MaloneProfessor of Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, this is not the first time a community has tried to ban tobacco products. She recalls that smoking is the most deadly consumer product in history. " So it makes sense for someone to point out that these products are too dangerous to sell on every street corner ».

The new law has, however, provided some exceptions, particularly to accommodate the many foreign visitors to Beverly Hills. For example, local hotel concierges will be able to continue selling cigarettes to registered customers. The three cigar fumigas of the city will also be spared.

Lili BosseBeverly Hills Councilor, said the measure is not intended to signal residents that they are no longer allowed to smoke, but that the City Council no longer wants to allow the purchase of tobacco. " Le right that people have to smoke is obviously something we hold for sacred. But what we are saying is that we will not participate in marketing. They will not be able to buy it in our city ", she says.

According to Bosse, this measure is intended to promote Beverly Hills' broader policy of health and physical, mental and emotional well-being. In return for this ban, the city will finance free weaning programs for locals who are determined to quit smoking.

Professor Malone hopes that the ban will be followed by others. "People used tobacco in the 19th century. But they did not die in the proportions we know now, before the invention of machine-rolled cigarettes and the really aggressive marketing that ensued. A tobacco historian has described the last century as a "century of cigarettes". I think we are starting to say: » Wait, we do not need to know another century of smoking, only for protect tobacco companies '.

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